Why Does Hulu Block VPN? (Possible Reasons With Solution)

why does hulu block vpn
why does hulu block vpn

There was a time when siblings would fight for the remote control because the cable was showing your favorite show. Well, the era of cables was amazing, but technology has progressed, which means people are more into the streaming apps. Be it YouTube or Hulu; the popularity is increasing, but, in some cases, content is restricted in some locations.

This is why people are using virtual private networks, but the streaming apps are now blocking those VPN users. Similarly, Hulu has started cracking down the users who are the VPN services to access the restricted content. However, no one knows the real reason. If you are interested in knowing why does Hulu block VPN, we have all the answers in this article, let’s start!

Why Does Hulu Block VPN

Hulu Is Blocking The VPN – Possible Reason

It doesn’t matter which streaming platform you are talking about because they are all using licensed movies and TV shows. Similarly, Hulu holds the streaming license from the content creators, and according to their license agreement, a certain piece of content can be accessed through particular locations.

If you’ve been using the streaming apps, you would know that it shows the videos and content based on the location and regions. For instance, if a certain movie is licensed for China, one cannot stream it in the US or the UK. In addition to Hulu, other streaming apps have also blocked the VPN services, such as YouTube TV, HBO Now, Netflix, Sling TV, and even Amazon Prime.

Detecting The VPNs – Hulu’s Approach

When it comes down to detecting the VPN, Hulu checks for multiple broadcasts such as WebRTC, IP, and DNS but multiple VPN services are able to bypass these checks easily. But Hulu understands that there are increasing solutions regarding the detection tactics. So, Hulu is now using GeoIP databases and verifies the IP addresses from connection and origin points.

For instance, if your IP address is listed on the list, you won’t be able to access content on Hulu. Also, there are private IP checks which are implemented by Hulu through which VPN services will stop working. This is because Hulu is empowered to check the number of connections that are devised through one IP address.

As compared to servers, there is an ever-increasing number of customers looking for VPN services. So, if multiple people are using one VPN, their IP addresses will remain the same. This way, Hulu will be able to detect multiple users streaming content from one IP address, which the obvious sign of using the VPN service. This way, Hulu will blacklist, and one won’t be able to use or stream Hulu’s content.

Blocking The VPN Services – How Hulu Does It

When it comes down to using the streaming services, the consumers are increasing. Similarly, these streaming services are using multiple techniques to block the VPNs. The most common methods for blocking VPN includes port and IP blocking. In this section, we are sharing the most commonly used methods because, as a user, you must know!

1. IP Blocking

This is one of the most common methods of blocking access to VPNs as it has been widely used. In this method, Hulu will attain the IP addresses from the VPN servers and block them. This means that blocked IP addresses from a certain VPN server won’t be able to make the connection, leading to zero connection to the app.

It’s needless to say that majority of VPNs have been blocked, but still, some VPN providers have functional IP services. While you are buying the VPN subscription, it is better to check with the prouder and see which services have been blocked.

2. Port Blocking

With this blocking method, the firewall is established through which streaming services get to block the ports. The ports that are usually blocked are the ones that are implied in the protocols. Be it the UDP or TCP; multiple ports are blocked there as well.

3. Bypassing The VPN Blocks

There are always some loops, and you must be fortunate because there are some ways through which people can trespass the VPN blocks. The top choice is to use the VPN providers that aren’t blocked. Some people might call this an insane idea, but there are some reputable VPN services out there. In this section, we are sharing information about ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN, and NordVPN as they haven’t been blocked. So, let’s see what these services are all about!


This VPN service has been designed to unblock the geo-restrictions on the content by implying smart DNS capabilities. These services are designed to encrypt the connection, and even more, it will help in unlocking the live events. There are multiple events and matches already up on the website. ExpressVPN is being used in 14 countries, and all their processes are legal.

This is because ExpressVPN has attained the no-log policy and has managed to acquire legal security. There are thousands of locations available, and people can connect to this VPN network for watching restricted content and unlocking the censorships.

CyberGhost VPN

This virtual private network was first launched back in 2001 in Romania, and ever since then, it has managed to become one of the biggest VPN services around the world. User privacy is never compromised with this service. Over the years, the company has expanded, given its strong encryption and a huge variety of server locations.

The VPN service has the capability to unblock services from streaming apps, and Hulu is one of them. The users will be able to browse the content while their identity is concealed and also, the Wi-Fi will be protected at all costs.


If you talk about the speed, there are no apparent lag points here, and there is no compromise on privacy. Even more, the users will be able to watch geo-restricted content, and with round the clock customer support services, users can get their doubts and questions answered. However, the services are paid, but users get the 30 days free trial.

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