Samsung BD-JM57C Not Connecting To WiFi: 6 Ways To Fix

samsung bd-jm57c not connecting to wifi
samsung bd-jm57c not connecting to wifi

Upgrading the level of your entertainment is always fun as the telecommunication world is inventing newer and advanced devices every day. When it comes to streaming, people don’t compromise on quality and compatibility. Samsung is a giant tech company that has a wide range of models of Blu-Ray players for streaming services. These players bring the internet to your in-home entertainment devices to thrill your fun. Each model has separate specifications and features. Although, each of them gives you an experience of streaming videos from Netflix, Hulu, etc. Samsung BD-JM57C is one of them. It is a Blu-Ray built-in Wi-Fi DVD home theater system in black (BD-JM57C/ZAR) powered by Samsung to assist you in streaming to multiple videos. However, some users still stay unable to connect to Wi-Fi. Why? There are a number of reasons!

In this article, we will walk you through some troubleshooting solutions that solve your Samsung BD-JM57C’s connectivity issue.

How To Troubleshoot Samsung BD-JM57C Not Connecting to WiFi Issue?

Don’t panic when your Samsung BD-JM57C doesn’t connect to the internet, just carry out these solutions:

  1. Check Other Devices:

Make sure that your other devices connected to the wireless network are working fine. If they are working fine, then it is the issue with your ISP. Contact them. Or, if they are working fine, proceed further.

  1. Check Connections:

Your Samsung BD-JM57C might not be connecting to Wi-Fi due to a careless connection. Make sure that all of the devices are connected tightly within your network. Fix each loose connection and who knows your device might connect.

  1. Restart Samsung BD-JM57C And Your Router:

Unplug your router and the Samsung’s Blu-ray player. Power them back on after a minute. Plugin your modem and router again. Now, wait for the powering up of the router/modem entirely before you turn ON the player.

  1. Consider The Correct Connection-Type:

You need to be considerate about what internet connection your Samsung BD-JM57C smoothly supports. As your player is compatible with Wi-Fi then make sure the password is fed correctly while connecting. Miscarrying such negligible bits can trouble you more than you think. Always pick a correct connection-type.

  1. Check The Passwords Length:

Some of the Samsung Blu-ray such as BD-JM57C does not support WEP passwords that are 26 characters or above. If your network has a 26-character password for the WEP network, either you simply change it to 10-digit code or switch your router security to WPA (which is much, much secure than WEP and entirely compatible with all Blu-ray players. After doing so, reassure that you change the password in your Samsung player too.

  1. Add Blu-Ray Mac Address On Whitelist:

If you are using Mac Address Filtering over your network, make sure that your BD-JM57C’s Mac address to the whitelist. Your “Mac Address Filtering” can easily be displayed under the Wireless Menu.


By following the above-mentioned troubleshooting solutions, you would easily get your Samsung BD-JM57C player to your Wi-Fi network. However, if the connection issue still persists, contact your ISP or Samsung Customer Care.

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