WHIO Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

whio not working
whio not working

When it comes down to people who like to stay well-informed about the news and happenings, WHIO has become the ultimate platform for them.

WHIO TV is a fine choice for accessing the news, traffic, and weather details. However, some users are struggling with WHIO not working issue and we are here to help with our simple troubleshooting methods!

WHIO Not Working

1) The Station

One needs to keep in mind that WHIO TV has eliminated the WHIO TV support for the customers using DirecTV or Dish. This is because some people have been trying to access the WHIO TV channel through these subscriptions but the channel owners are not broadcasting the channel for the DirecTV and Dish users.

At first, the users were having intermittent issues but the channel was taken off the air after some time. With this being said, only the AT&T and Time Warner users could access the WHIO channel. However, this doesn’t mean that WHIO has stopped the support for Dish and DirecTV but it’s only because of the backend error that engineers are highly likely to fix soon!

2) Try The App

Okay, so if you are not trying to access WHIO through DirecTV or Dish and still cannot access WHIO or WHIO is not working, there are high chances that your web browser is causing issues. With this being said, you should try streaming the WHIO channel through the app. The WHIO TV App is readily available for iOS and Android users.

In case you are already using the app, we suggest that you delete the app and reinstall it after some time for making WHIO work seamlessly. However, before you delete the app, we suggest that you clear the cache of the WHIO TV app and try using the channel again. Keep in mind that once your clear the cache or reinstall the app, you need to restart your device before opening the app again.

3) Internet Connection

It doesn’t matter if you are using the WHIO on a browser or app, keep in mind that it will not work if you don’t have strong internet signals. That’s to say because this platform demands a high-end internet connection to work properly. With this being said, you need to check the internet signal strength through the speed tests.

If the signal power is low, you know that the internet is to be blamed. In this case, we suggest that you restart the router by taking out the power cord for around five minutes. Once the router is up and running and the network connection has been established, open the WHIO TV again and you will be able to use the app and stream the news.

4) Customer Support

This is your last resort because if there are no internet or support issues, there are chances that something else is wrong with your network that WHIO TV’s customer representative can detect. You can call them at (937) 457-1290 and we suggest calling during office hours to get your queries answered in a better way. Also, some people try email support but call support is a more robust choice!

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