1000 (DTV) Is Currently Not Available: 5 Ways to Fix

1000 (dtv) is currently not available
1000 (dtv) is currently not available

Okay, so if you are someone who loves to watch movies, TV shows, and TV channels, DirecTV must be your favorite choice. DirecTV is designed with on-demand entertainment features as well. With this being said, the users can access the on-demand channels by modifying the regular channel by adding 1000. On the other hand, some DirecTV users are unable to access the content because 1000 (DTV) is currently not available issue is frustrating them. So, in this article, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods to help you out!

1000 (DTV) Is Currently Not Available

1) Software

This is the first step that you need to take is to update the software of DVR you are using with DirecTV. In some cases, people struggle with this issue when they buy a new DVR unit that’s still not optimized with the latest software. So, we suggest updating the software. In case you are using the Genie HD DVR, you can look for the software update on their official website and the error will be resolved.

2) Cache

When it comes down to the people who are using the DVR unit and box, we suggest that you clear the cache. To be honest, when you add too many channels, the box sometimes gets clogged with the data that can adversely impact the on-demand channels. With this being said, when you clear the cache of your box, you will be able to access the on-demand channels.

If you don’t know how to clean the unit’s or box’s cache, just search for “clear my box” options on the TV and you will be done with it. Also, you might need to wait for around two days to gain back the access; we know it’s a long time but that’s the drill with cache!

3) Connection

For everyone who is using DirecTV’s on-demand channel feature, they would know what the connection means for the streamlined network. So, you need to ensure that the connection is hot because only then you can gain access to the on-demand channels.

4) IP Address

If the hot connection and clearing the cache didn’t work out for you, we suggest that you reset the HD DVR with your TV. Once the reset is complete, just open the network setup and navigate to the IP Address. You need to ensure that the IP address is properly connected to the DVR in order to stream the on-demand channels and content. In addition, make sure the IP assignment is static because it’s more reliable for DirecTV.

5) Power Loss

In case your home or space lost power recently, that might be the cause of the on-demand channel issue. After the power loss, it will take around twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours for the on-demand channel feature to work. If this is the case, we suggest that you wait because, after this proposed time, you will be able to view the on-demand channels.

The bottom line is that these troubleshooting methods should work out for your on-demand channel issue. However, if the error is still persistent, we would suggest calling DirecTV customer support and they will have a look at your issue!

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