7 Ways To Fix Dish Anywhere Stuck On Initializing

dish anywhere stuck on initializing
dish anywhere stuck on initializing

We all love unwinding with a great movie or TV show after a long day of work, right? Some of us cannot watch a certain episode because of work commitments but Dish Anywhere is always there to record your favorite stuff, right?

So, if you are the Dish Anywhere but are struggling with Dish Anywhere stuck on initializing issue, we have got you covered with the troubleshooting methods in this article!

Dish Anywhere Stuck On Initializing

1. SlingPlayer

There are high chances that if your Dish Anywhere screen is stuck on the initializing stage, you need to check up the SlingPlayer. This is because when SlingPlayer is running in the background, it can adversely impact the overall streaming. With this being said, open the bottom tray on your screen and close down the SlingPlayer and try connection Dish Anywhere again.

2. Web Cache

For everyone who is using the Dish Anywhere on the web browser and struggling with the initialization issue, we suggest that you clear up the cache of the browser. The web cache can adversely impact the loading times, hence the initialization issue. Once you clear the cache, the other websites (the ones you regularly visit) will load slowly but Dish Anywhere will stream perfectly.

3. Cookies

Whenever we are visiting the high-end websites, they are highly likely to ask for the cookies, inclusive of Dish Anywhere. With this being said, if you have the cookies for the official Dish website, we suggest that you clear them up and load the Dish Anywhere website. You will need to login to the platform again but the initialization issue will be fixed.

4. Video Source

If you are browsing the internet and some videos start playing in the background, Dish Anywhere will not load and won’t initialize either. Consequently, check the websites that you’ve opened, and pause the videos if some of them are playing. Once you pause the background or other video source in the browser, Dish Anywhere will start working/loading again. This problem usually occurs with Firefox since it keeps loading the videos in the background, so we suggest using Chrome.

5. Reboot

If you are unable to initialize the Dish Anywhere, there are high chances that your computer needs a refresh. This is because the computer might have some minor issues that will be fixed with the reboot. So, just shut down your computer or TV and log in to the Dish Anywhere again.

6. Support

In case these troubleshooting methods are not fixing up the initialization issue on Dish Anywhere, there are high chances that the device is not supported at all. So, we suggest that you try logging in to Dish Anywhere from some other device. If Dish Anywhere starts working on another device, you know the problem lies in the previous device.

7. Receiver

While using the Dish Anywhere, one needs to be extremely vigilant with the receiver. With this being said, if you have selected the wrong receiver, there are chances that initialization will be stuck with Dish Anywhere. So, we suggest that you choose the right receiver from the list!

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