What Is Xfinity Blast And How Does It Work?

What Is Xfinity Blast
What Is Xfinity Blast

What Is Xfinity Blast?

Xfinity is a well-known internet service provider that is acknowledged to be serving customers in 40 states across the United States. It is one of the most reliable and high-speed internet providers and is fortunately found almost all over the United States. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Comcast infinity has introduced several updates to its high-speed internet service.

One of which is the Xfinity blast that gives a high-speed internet service of 250 Mbps to 275 Mbps. So there is an increase in speed up to 25 percent and this speed upgrade is available in several regions of the US. In addition to high-speed internet and free service for two months to new customers, they are also offering unlimited internet for all of its users for 60 days. Comcast says that 80 percent of their customers will have a speed of 150 Mbps or more without any change in the bill.

Affordable gigabit internet is yet not available in the US, unfortunately (and unsurprisingly) and Comcast does not point out any adjustments to its upload speeds, which remains a small fraction of what you get for downloads. Xfinity internet provides its users in selected areas the downloading speeds as much as 2000 Mbps. If you want to check how fast your Xfinity internet velocity is, use the WhistleOut Xfinity broadband pace test. All Xfinity plans offer statistics utilization of 1000 GB in line with the billing cycle.

Xfinity introduced Xfinity blast as in fact an upgrade from Performance Pro and is great for much of the same activity with a few more devices attached. Additionally, a few of the customers will not note the considerable difference between Xfinity Blast and Performance Pro but surprisingly with the low cost, it can be worth it in regarding its upgrade. It provides high-speed internet for up to 2-4 users with 6-7 devices. The Xfinity blast service costs up to $59.99 per month and can vary according to your region.

What are the Pros of Xfinity Blast fast internet services?

• Very reliable and rapid download speeds.
• Available nearly anywhere in the US.
• Increased number of users and more importantly additional devices for users.

What are the cons of Xfinity Blast fast internet services?

• The price can vary and depends on the location.
• Lacks a good customer support system.

Their prices vary according to location and by that I mean it is of more benefit to customers living in the western and northeast areas, as the users in the central region have to pay a bit more as compared to them. Due to COVID-19 Xfinity has devoted to assisting the customers, personnel, and communities suffering from the impact of the coronavirus by:

• Giving them the option to select the billing date according to their ease.
• For low-income homes they provide services for $9.95 per month.
• If your address qualifies then the Self-installation is provided.

If we look at the full cost breakdown of this package then it provides up to 250 bps for $59.99 per month with 0$ upfront for BYO modem. For professional installation, it costs up to $59.99 and for Self-installation the rates are $15.

How does it work?

The first question that pops up in our minds is how does this work? First things first, all you need to do is check their website and read all the information they provide you for their Blast Xfinity high internet services. If you are new to this they also provide modem rent services which charge up to $14 per month.

Their website also provides the Xfinity speed test which can help you compare their internet speed to others if you already use Xfinity. You can call them to learn more about their packages and available internet speeds in your range. Or you can check their website which has an option to search its availability in your area. To find the service providers enter your address or ZIP and you can even compare the internet service providers.

Before selecting the internet deal make sure you know exactly what you are paying for and if it’s best according to your steaming and usage. Xfinity blast is not only good for email and browsing but it provides great services if you are a user of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO. If you choose for professional installation they charge according to your area and you can even get it installed on the weekend or at night. As for the Self-installation option, the charges are $15.

For 12 month Xfinity program they have 30 days period of money-back guarantee just in case you decide to terminate the offer and therefore, after 1 month you will have to pay for the remaining months. They provide XFi modem renting services which cost about $13 per month but bringing your modem bought from amazon can cut you some slack and save some money. Due to lock down or even before it Xfinity aids its customers by providing online ordering programs.

So through Xfinity.com you can easily sign up for Xfinity blast or can even upgrade your program to Xfinity Blast any time. If you choose the online ordering system along with Self-installation it can save you time and money.

Their website is easy to use and provides maximum information needed. The Xfinity Blast internet offer is probably best for binge-watchers and gamers. If you choose the professional installation option then it takes up to 4 hours and you can save your time by self-installing it by DIY option in an hour or so. After getting the offer if you still feel that your speed is running slow then it is better to note certain aspects like:

• Speed of Wi-Fi connection is slow as compared to a hardwired connection due to wireless connection interference.
• Speed also depends on the number of devices connected, the amount of opened programs, and uploads in progress as well.

Due to its wide availability of as much as 80% across the division of the US, along with promising high speed, Xfinity Blast qualifies to be quite reliable. And its contribution to COVID-19 is extraordinary and due to lockdown when everyone is staying home, it is best for binge-watchers and gamers to enjoy its services.

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