Walmart 2.4 GHz WiFi Not Working For Any Phones: How To Fix

walmart 2.4 wifi not working for any phones
walmart 2.4 wifi not working for any phones

Have you heard about Walmart 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi not working for any phone? Have you dace a similar issue your self? Or are you reading this because you crave information? If this is so, in this article, we are going to provide details about this topic and how you can troubleshoot this issue for yourself or for your little sister or any of your friends. Read on to learn more about it.

About Walmart

Walmart is a grocery store where you can buy almost everything. It has about 11,500 stores at different locations. So it is the largest multinational retail corporation which deals with selling almost every product. People mostly prefer shopping from Walmart as it gives a discount on almost every product.

You don’t have to rush to different places when you can find almost everything in a single place. They have big stores so people often get bored with shopping there. For this, they give their customers a facility of wifi to keep them entertained there too. Recently in the past few days, people are having connectivity issues of the wifi in Walmart.

Are You Facing Walmart 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue?

We have seen many people reporting about the similar issue as well. The wifi doesn’t connect to their phones even though their phones are capable of connecting 2.4 GHz wifi connections. If you’re facing similar issues, there are a number of ways in which you can fix this issue. First of all, if it isn’t working for every phone, then you should report to the worker or manager in Walmart so they can try restarting or resetting the router. If the wifi still is not connecting to the device, try restarting your phone too. In many cases, it works well.

Solving the Walmart 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Not Working For Any Phone.

For solving Walmart 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi not working for any phone that you have, you need to first find out the exact cause of the problem. It could be Walmart’s fault or maybe you can be at fault too. It could be your device that’s outdated or maybe Walmart’s system. Always make sure to check with other phones if it is also troubleshooting or not.

Many people however have reported the same issue, which is why whenever they try to connect to their local Walmart WiFi. There it says Wi-Fi connection is failed to connect or and no IP address found.

In this Situation, resetting your internet adapter would be a better choice. You can also try forgetting the network that we saved and reboot your phone. Hope this will help you get your cell back at the track.

Walmart also might have split their Wifi into two parts. Walmart wifi has 5 GHz and the other Walmart wifi 2.4 has 2.4 GHz frequency. If you’re facing the same problem only supports 2.4 GHz, then you should switch the net connection from Walmartwifi to Walmartwifi 2.4.


So, if Walmart 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi not working for any phone that you may be using, consider testing the problem first and if it confirms, only then proceeds further with the above-given instructions. You can also contact Walmart’s workers for help.

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  1. My internet for Walmart works when I’m at home but when I try and use it in the store it doesn’t work, so is it a Walmart problem?

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