6 Ways to Fix vText Not Working

vtext not working
vtext not working

Verizon is surely the prime network carrier out there and has become the favorite network carrier given the high-end services. In the same way, they have designed a variety of packages and plans to meet the diverse needs of the users. Also, they have designed the private messaging feature, known as vText. With this feature, you can receive and send messages, irrespective of the status. However, if the vText not working, we have added the troubleshooting methods in this article!

How to Fix vText Not Working?

1. Message Volume

In case you aren’t able to use vText, it is suggested to check the volume of your messages. That’s to say because vText doesn’t have support for large message volumes out there. So, if you have to send large volumes of messages, vText will not work for you. With this being said, you can use the enterprise message feature.

2. Server Issues

Above all, you need to have the best server connections if you need to send and receive messages without any issue. So, if vText is not working and you aren’t able to send and receive messages, there are high chances that you have made changes to the server or device settings. With this being said, you need to set all the settings to default.

3. Resetting The Phone

For everyone who is having a hard time sending and receiving the messages through vText app, you can always try resetting the phone. Firstly, you need to press the power button until the screen shuts off. In addition, you can press and hold the volume down and power button to switch off the phone. Once the phone restarts, the message feature issue will be taken care of.

4. Switch on SMS Settings

Whenever you struggle with vText feature issues, you need to switch on the “Send as SMS” feature. With these settings, the messages will be sent even if vText is not working. In this case, you need to open the settings, go to the messages section, and toggle the “Send as SMS” option. This change in setting will make sure that messages are being sent and received.

5. Switch on Send & Receive Settings

In case you are unable to receive and send the messages, you need to ensure that your phone can receive the messages. In this case, you need to change the settings by opening the settings app. Once you open the settings apps, navigate to messages, and then send and receive option. Now, make sure that your phone number is selected and the messaging issues will be resolved. In the same way, make sure that your phone number is active because the phone number status matters a great deal.

6. Call Customer Support

So, if the troubleshooting methods are not working out for you, we suggest calling customer support and have them look at your issue. This is because they can monitor the entire network and see the underlying issue. This information helps them provide specific fixes for you that can surely fix the vText app issues.

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  1. Calling customer service is a last resort because it gets you no where. Teir 2 support doesn’t even know what vtext.com messaging is. Can you check your app? NO
    Support is totally scripted and these people are bots!

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