3 Ways To Fix Charter Spectrum Error E1003

charter spectrum error e1003
charter spectrum error e1003

Newer digital boxes provide their users with a number of features. One of these is the video-on-demand service. This allows users to get access to videos that they want without having to run into any constraints. Additionally, you do not even require a traditional playback device for this. While this is a great feature and you can use it to enjoy movies and shows of your liking.

Sometimes, this feature will stop working on your device. If this happens then you will notice that your device will show an error message which is ‘Charter Spectrum Error E1003’. In case you do, you will notice that your feature has stopped working. This can be pretty annoying so here are some steps you can use to fix this issue.

How to Fix Charter Spectrum Error E1003?

  1. Traffic on Server

One of the most common reasons to get this error message is that there is a lot of traffic on your server. You might be trying to use this feature when a lot of other people are using the services from this company as well. This causes the device to run into problems and start displaying error messages.

Considering this, if you are receiving this error then it is recommended that you wait for some time. The problem should most likely go away on its own. Additionally, you can even check the live status of the server online. This should help you in confirming if the servers are down or too busy. Usually, you will notice that a lot of people are complaining about this problem on the forums of Spectrum.

  1. Refresh Your Spectrum Receiver

If the problem still persists or you do not want to wait then one fix is to refresh your receiver. The process for this varies depending on the company of modem you are using. Although most of these can be refreshed through this process. Start by making a call to ‘833 267 – 6094’. Afterward, when the helpline asks about your problem.

Give them a brief description of it and tell them that you want your modem box to be refreshed. The company will then send a signal to refresh all of the receivers in your house. One thing to note is that this usually takes a few minutes. This can be between 10 to 15 minutes. After your receivers have been refreshed, you should now be able to access the video on-demand feature.

  1. Refresh Receiver Online

Sometimes the step mentioned above might not work for your device. In this case, you can refresh it manually by accessing your router. However, make sure that you are online during this procedure and are connected to the same network as your device. Open up the main page for your device and login to access the settings. After this, you should be able to locate the refresh option by browsing a little. Click on it and it should now start refreshing all of your receivers. The lights on it will blink for some time but they should become stable after the process.

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