Safety Mode By Verizon Review – What Is It For?

safety mode verizon review
safety mode verizon review

Verizon is one of the most popular brands when it comes down to telecommunication and media services. They have designed exceptional communication devices, such as routers and modems, and they have equally value-oriented plans available. One advanced feature of Verizon plans is the safety mode, and with this article, we are sharing the safety modem Verizon review, so you can determine if you should opt for it!

Safety Mode By Verizon Review

The safety mode has been designed by Verizon and can be set up on the new plan by Verizon. When used, it allows the users to keep using the data at a low speed, even if you’ve used the data allowance of the month. The safety mode allows the users to keep using the cellular connection, even when the monthly data allotment is fulfilled. The data speed will be reduced during the safety mode, but you won’t have to think about the excessive charges on the bill.

When it comes down to the eligibility and usage, it’s only available for the subscribers who have opted for the shared data plans by Verizon or the new plan. In case you are using the unlimited data plans, there is no point in using the safety mode. This is because when you have utilized the high-speed data allowance of the month, the data speed will be reduced automatically.

Using Safety Mode

If you want to use the safety mode with Verizon, there are two primary methods of getting access. To begin with, you can open the My Verizon smartphone app, which is available on Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. When you have the app, open the menu, click on the data hub, and scroll down to the safe mode option – you can simply toggle it off and on to disable or enable it, respectively.

The second method of enabling Verizon is to sign in to the My Verizon account through an internet browser. For this purpose, just open the official Verizon website and sign in. When you are signed in, click on the data option and click the data overview option. In this section, click on “my usage” and you will be able to disable and enable the safety mode.

You need to remember that once you enable the safety mode on your Verizon network from the settings, it will be automatically added to the current month’s data plan. Also, it will provide slow data even then. Having said that, you won’t be charged for the extra data. As far as disabling the safety mode is concerned, you have to turn it off from the settings.

Data Speeds

When you are connected to the Verizon network and are using the safety mode, the data or internet speeds will be reduced to 128kbps. The data speed is pretty slow, which means you won’t get a nice quality while streaming videos and music. It is suggested that you opt for a data boost plan from Verizon as it can help enhance the data speed as it provides access to 4G LTE data.

On the other hand, you can also upgrade your mobile plan, which provides more data. For instance, you can opt for a 15GB prepaid plan, as it comes with unlimited messages and minutes, along with 15GB of data (4G LTE). So, even if you exceed 15GB of mobile data, you will not be charged for the extra charges, but the speed will be throttled. Having said that, if you want to change the data plan, you can do so from the web-based account or download the “My Verizon” app.

Eligibility Of Using The Safety Mode

When it comes down to using the safety mode with Verizon’s data plan, there are some prerequisites that you need to keep in mind. For instance, you can use the safety mode when you are using the shared data plan of 10GB and 5GB. In addition, you can use it for the new plan, including S, M, and L. On the other hand, remember that subscribing to the “Just Kids” plan will automatically turn on the safety mode, and you won’t be able to switch it off. Overall, no other data plans except these can opt for the safety mode!

In case you are using the business account, you can turn on and use the safety mode through the My Business Account. Once you have opted for the business plans, you will be automatically connected to the safety mode once the data plan’s high-speed data is completed.

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