Verizon: How To Tell If You Left A Voicemail?

verizon how to tell if you left a voicemail
verizon how to tell if you left a voicemail

Verizon is a well-established and phenomenal cellular service company which also gives their customers an option of Voicemail. When you have an emergency or some special work and wanted to talk with your buddies to discuss an important thing, and you start calling them, unfortunately, the phone is going busy, or the person on the other end is not attending your phone call. In this circumstance, you will have to leave a voicemail through which he would say no that you want to talk on a priority basis.

Most people are curiously searching and asking the ways and means that How to tell if you left a voicemail. In this piece, we will discuss and understand the issues related to voicemail, including how to tell if you left a Verizon voicemail service? And How to get a notification of the voicemail?

Does A Person Get A Notification If I Send A Voicemail?

Suppose you have left a voicemail using Verizon cellular network and still thinks that he or she had received the voicemail or not. Then, you should not be panic or frustrated because Verizon generates a notification to the voicemail receiver that he has a new voicemail.

But in some exceptional cases, the notification does not appear to the person because he has not selected the notification option. So, getting notification regarding the voicemail, he should dial *86, listen to the instructions carefully, select option four, and select notification voicemail. It will help you in Verizon service dial only.

How are Verizon Voicemail Notification Activated Using Cell Phone Settings?

It is very disturbing that someone has left a voicemail, and you haven’t known you have voicemail in your voicemail box on the phone. It is very easy and handy to make it correct by using your phone setting. There is no concern that you are using Verizon or some other cellular network.

First, you have to select the phone dial option with the phone handset icon, tap on the detail drag bar, choose voicemail settings, and check the voicemail notification. Now, you can receive the notification regarding any of the voicemail on the phone.

Verizon: How To Tell If You Left A Voicemail And Still, He Doesn’t Know?

If you think someone will not know about your voicemail on the pretext of voicemail full or notification not open. The simple solution to this issue to tell somebody you have left a voicemail is a text message.

Voicemail is a personalized voice message through which you can emphasize somebody you cannot do with the text. But to let the person know about the voicemail is the text message. Send a message after you left a voicemail, so the concerned person knows the important thing.


Summing up, informing others that you have left a voicemail requires other persons to turn off their voicemail notification. This topic tells if you left a voice mail deciphered all the ways and means to avoid missing any voicemail.

In the draft, we’ve discussed all the possible ways and how to tell if you left a voicemail. If you’re reading this article, you have gathered a lot of essential information about your queries. And still, you have any question, let us know through writing in the comment section.

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