Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me

verizon voicemail keeps calling me
verizon voicemail keeps calling me

Verizon is one of the most premium and widely used carriers in the US and Canada. They are offering some top-quality services including phone, internet, voice, and text messages. That is one of the main reasons that most people choose to go with Verizon. Not only that, but their signal strength is also impeccable in the remotest areas across the US. You can rely on Verizon to have your back no matter if you are sitting in a basement or want to go on a hike in the mountains. You can have their signal reception all over the US with no issues at all.

Verizon Voice Mail Calling

If you are a Verizon Consumer, you must have received some calls with the caller ID showing Voicemail on the screen. This happens with some people and there are several reasons behind that that you would need to know. If you are receiving such calls on Verizon from Voicemail there is nothing to get panicked about. If you are using your account and it is operating just fine, that is alright and you can just call them yourself for confirmation. There are two main possibilities if you are getting calls from Voicemail and those are:

Verizon Calling You

Verizon can call you sometimes from the number saying Voicemail. The best way to know that it is from Verizon is that they will usually call you during the working hours and never in the odd hours. If they are unable to reach you, you will only receive a voicemail that you can hear later if that is something urgent. They do not repeatedly call you, and you might only get one or two calls from them if that is about something urgent and could not wait. Be mindful that Verizon will never ask you about your sensitive information or financial information on the calls. If the call is genuinely from Verizon, you can simply follow the instruction left in the voicemail for you or contact them when you can for a confirmation and they will be able to guide you with the right process.

Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me

Verizon is very firm about their customer service policies and there are no chances that they will keep calling you. If you are receiving multiple calls in a day on your number saying they are from Voicemail, that probably means that you have fallen a victim to the identity theft and now scammers are trying to connect with you. Most of these calls are recorded calls with a recording in the beginning so you don’t get fishy and if you fall for the bait, the call is then transferred to a live person who can ask for your personal information.

Since they already have some of your information, it is possible for them to convince you easily that they are calling you from Verizon and that it is about helping you. So, if you have been a victim of such a scam or receiving calls from Voicemail multiple times a day, you surely need to check if these calls are genuinely from Verizon. Once you do that, you need to keep yourself safe from Scammers. Certain ways can help you do that, including:

Don’t take the call

The best way is to not take the call if they are calling you multiple times. You can simply call Verizon support and confirm with them if there are some issues with your account or if they need to contact you. If everything is alright, you need to report those calls. However, there are slight chances that those hackers might have access to your Verizon account and have messed up some settings to make you believe that there is something genuinely wrong with your account. You need to reset those settings and change your access credentials to the Verizon account to stay beware from such scammers and keep your Verizon account safe. Reporting it to Verizon will also solve the issue for you as they will be able to reset your account from any unauthorized access, gaining you your account back and fix everything that is wrong with your account.

Keep your personal and financial information safe

These scammers will call you, and if you take the call mistakenly, or you are not aware of the situation here, you will be asked some personal or financial information like your credit card number to re-activate your account. There are tons of excuses they can make like your card number needs to be updated in the records, or there is some discounted offer that they need to share with you and in order to sign up, they would need your credit card information.

Be mindful that Verizon would never ask you any sort of sensitive information on the call. They can already know the last 4 digits of your card, your date of birth, or your subscription number if they have hacked their way into your Verizon account somehow. But you need to never share any sort of such information on the call. You need to be careful with that and report those calls immediately to Verizon. Your information might be used to steal your money, or to be used for any other illegal matters that you don’t want and can land you in some serious trouble.

Staying Safe

While you can avoid these calls, it is imminent that you take the precautionary measures immediately if you are sure that you have received a scam call with your personal information available to hackers. You need to change all the login credentials on your Verizon account. You might also need to check with your bank if there is some transaction on the statement that you are unable to recognize so it can be fixed while there is still time. Also, you need to report it to Verizon so they will block such callers and investigate the issue properly to come up with a solution. An Identity Protection Service would come in handy as well to protect you against scams.

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