What Is Verizon 1x Service Bar? (Explained)

verizon what is 1x service bar
verizon what is 1x service bar

Verizon is a cellular data service provider who had proved its mettle by providing its customer with a good internet level. It has moved from GPS, 2G, 3G to now 4G service. You would have wondered when you had seen 1x visible beside the service bar of your phone.

Many Verizon users are frequently asking what 1x means? As they have not lived with the cellular internet and some old versions of cell phones. In this space, we will discuss what causes your Verizon phone to show a 1x service bar. It would allow you to understand the missing information, and we will also touch on how to get rid of Verizon 1x service bar.

What Is a 1x Service Bar on Verizon?

When you turn on your cellular data and astonishingly see Verizon 1x service bar on your phone, it means you are having 2G CDMA internet service of the internet. However, the slow and old service was used some years before when the internet was not optimized to 3G and 4G.

The Verizon 2G or 1x has a max speed of around 152-kilo bits per second speed. In short, it has a rate of 15.3KB/sec in the internet mode of Verizon 1x.

Is Verizon 1x Service Bar Appearing Due To Incorrect Phone Settings?

Now, as you know, what Verizon 1x means. You have a second thought that your phone is the 3G and 4G chipset, so why it appears on your phone. Keeping in view of the internet frequencies, mobile phone manufacturers have provided settings of internet network availability in your smartphones.

Suppose Verizon 1x is continuously intact in your phone while others nearby. You have no situation. It means that your phone setting is not correct so, you cannot enjoy 3G or 4G. Therefore, you have to go to the settings, tap the connection network, and select 3G or 4G. Through this, you will get out of the err, which is Verizon 1x service bar.

Does Verizon 1x Service Bar Appear In Some Particular Areas?

It may be the probable case related to the areas inside or outside of the building. Those who live in remote areas face Verizon 1x service bar issue because there is a signal issue. Those areas inside or the nearby cities have strong cellular signals, and cellular users witness no such case of a 1x service bar.

While in those areas which are away from the towns have little or weak passwords and the users in the regions face the issue of slow internet service. The only way to resolve the case, you can lodge a complaint or query by contacting Verizon customer care center. They know how precious their customers are, and they will resolve the signal issue with a reasonable time.


Suppose you have an issue mentioned above about Verizon 1x service bar and know how to get out of this situation. We’ve provided all the relevant information regarding why 1x shows beside the phone’s service bar. Sometimes, your phone settings were not set on 3G or 4G, or you have issues for your geographical locations where signals are weak.

In this article, we have explained all the general and particular information about the subject matter. And we offer you our informational services. If you’ve any queries in your mind, please make us aware by writing in the comment box.

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  1. We, my husband and I have been dedicated Verizon users for 25+ years. Our situation is that when we go to our second home on Yorks Run Rd zip 26410 our smart phones always go to 1x. This week there has been a 4g signal for a very brief time which we have never had before. We are querying to request that Verizon gives us 4g in our area. We are also wanting to ask if Verizon is attempting or running some type of testing since we did see 4g very briefly today. Again, we have been dealing with this lack of service for years. Please reply. Thanks.

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