3 Ways To Fix Verizon Fios Router Keeps Dropping Connection

verizon fios router keeps dropping connection
verizon fios router keeps dropping connection

Verizon Fios or also marketed just as Fios is a service by Verizon. The company is usually known for its internet, telephone, and television cable connections. Though, the standard internet service uses DSL and similar networks.

On the other hand, Fios uses optic wiring which is several times faster than the standard connection. These cables are also much more durable and should last you a long time. The only downside to using Fios is that the installation charges can be a bit much.

However, the features that you are provided with will make up for this. You can select a speed depending on your usage after subscribing to the service. Your wirings will all be set up by Verizon themselves which takes out all the hassle of configuring these yourself.

Though, you should note that some people have recently reported that their Verizon Fios router keeps dropping connection. If this is happening to you as well then here are some ways to fix it.

How to Fix Verizon Fios Router Keeps Dropping Connection?

  1. Check Wiring

Several things can cause your router to start dropping connection. However, the first thing that you should check is the wiring used to connect your modem with the router. Usually, these can get damaged if you place weight on them or do not route them carefully.

This is exactly why you must take care of your cables. You can start by observing the cable and checking if there are any cuts on it. If you notice these then simply replace the cable with a new one. You can also check if the ethernet wire is not loose or has come off. Sometimes simply tightening the wire can fix your problem.

  1. Reboot Your Router

Most routers like the ones that come from Verizon store information on their memory. This is to speed up the device although, in some cases, the files can start to clog the storage. This will slow down the performance of your device instead of speeding it up.

Additionally, this can also cause your router to run into problems like the connection on it dropping. Considering this, you can simply fix this by giving your device a reboot. Though, keep in mind that both your modem and router should stay off for a few minutes before you start them back up. This gives them enough time to clear all the cache files from their memory.

  1. Check Router’s Position

You should keep in mind that the position where you have installed your router also plays a huge role in its performance. Installing the router far away can cause your device to have trouble catching on to signals. This is why you must move your router closer to the devices you want to use the internet on. Alternatively, you can install an additional router in your home to increase the range. This will ensure that you get the best possible signals all around your home without any issues.

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