7 Ways To Deal With The Verizon Fios Favorites Problem

verizon fios favorites problem
verizon fios favorites problem

Verizon Fios has become a perfect replacement for people who are looking for an on-demand entertainment experience and access to on-demand channels. It comes with a set-top box, which can be connected to the TV for streaming the content and access to the desired channels. In addition, it allows the users to select their favorite channels, but some people have complained about the Verizon Fios favorites problem, and we are here to share the solutions!

How to Fix The Verizon Fios Favorites Problem

1. Package Level

If you have Verizon Fios, you would know that you need to subscribe to a package to have access to a certain number of channels. In case you are using a basic package, you might not be able to add some content to the favorites folder or select the favorites channel. For this reason, we recommend that you call Verizon customer support and upgrade your package level. To be certain, you can ask the customer representative about the package level and what they are offering in every package, including the allowance for selecting the favorites.

2. DVR

It is common for people to connect their TV with the DVR to optimize the streaming experience and which DVR you are using can directly impact your streaming performance. For instance, if you are not using a compatible DVR, it will cause errors in functionality, and not being able to select the favorites is one of them. You can get this information about the Fios manual, or you can connect with customer support to ask for the list of compatible DVRs. Once you connect the right DVR, you will likely be able to select the favorites.

3. Cloud

In some cases, people can select the favorites, but whenever they reboot the TV, they lose the favorites and have to go through the process again. Having said that, we suggest that you add favorites to the Fios, and before you exit the page, you need to save the settings on the cloud (you can do it by enabling automatic cloud back up on the TV – the backup option is available on Android as well as Apple smart TVs).

4. Reset

Resetting the set-top box is one of the most promising solutions when you are unable to select and retain your favorites. The set-top box can be reset by pressing the reset button for over twenty seconds, and the reset will be complete. The reset button is pretty small, so it is suggested that you use a paperclip to press and hold the reset button. Another method of resetting the Fios set-top box is that you can disconnect the power cable from the box, keep it out for five minutes, and plug it back in.

5. Internet Connection

When it comes down to choosing some settings and saving them on the Fios TV, you need an active internet connection. So, when the internet connection is slow, you will have a problem selecting and saving the favorites. For this purpose, you have to check the internet speed, and if it’s slow, you need to reboot the internet router to improve the internet connection’s speed. However, you can also upgrade to a better internet connection because Fios TV needs higher download and upload speed to work properly. Having said that, streamline the internet connection, and once it’s stable, you will be able to choose the favorites and save the settings.

6. Cables

Fios TV is connected to the TV, which means the connecting mediums are essential. The cables are responsible for transmitting the signals and can directly impact the streaming and other functions. So, if you are unable to choose the favorites, you have to check the cables. Make sure the cables are not damaged and aren’t bent. This is because the bent cables mean internal damage, which disrupts the signal transmission. Having said that, replace the cables if they seem damaged.

In addition to the cables, you have to check the entire connection for transmitters and protectors. This is because these extra components can interfere with the connection. So, optimize the connection.

7. Status

Last but not least, if you aren’t able to use the favorites feature even after all these solutions, there are high chances that the Verizon server is down. This is because when the server is down, the Fios features won’t be supported. You can contact customer support to check the server’s status, and if it’s down, you have to wait!

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