5 Methods For Resolving Red Light On Verizon FiOS Cable Box

verizon fios cable box red light
verizon fios cable box red light

In general, various companies produce devices with LED light displays for the convenience of their users. These LEDs represent the device’s various statuses and make it easier to diagnose and pinpoint a specific problem with the device. In particular, the Verizon FiOS cable box allows its user to identify a problem with the device when the LEDs begin beeping different colors. However, the Verizon FiOS cable box red light is a common complaint that Verizon users have reported on the majority of forums. As a result, we will discuss the significance of this LED light display and present solutions to the problem.

Verizon FiOS Cable Box Red Light

1. Self-Test Routine

If your Verizon cable box is showing a solid red light check to see if it is for a few seconds. When your FiOS cable box is performing the power-on self-test routine the light of the cable box turns red. It usually lasts for a few seconds until it has done its routine testing and powers on automatically.

2. Solid Red Light- Device Malfunction

After taking note of the first step, if your cable box insistently shows you a solid red light, it may indicate a device malfunction. Excessive heat or improper cable connections may cause your device to malfunction. It could also be an indication of faulty equipment that needs to be repaired. Therefore, until this step, it is easier to solve a problem as you know where the main issue lies.

3. Restart Your Cable Box

In most cases, restarting a device is preferable when your device misbehaves abruptly. So in case you are seeing a solid red light power cycle your cable box and check to see if the light display goes away. To restart your cable box as well as the router, unplug both the devices from any power source at let them rest for a few seconds. Plug the power cords into the electrical sockets again to see if the light goes away.

4. DVR Recording

If your cable box displays a red light it may also be the reason it is recording something on the DVR (digital video recorder). If you have scheduled a recording on the DVR make sure you cancel it if the red light bothers you.

Go to the cable box remote control and select “DVR”. A menu will appear. Click the “Scheduled” option and go to the “Recordings” tab. Once you have reached this section, select the “Stop Recordings” option and the red light should go away

5. Call The Verizon Replacement

If you notice that your cable box is showing two solid red lights it means that your device needs replacement. It may be a technical outside your expertise so, it is recommended to contact the Verizon replacement for technical assistance. We advise you not to play with the equipment as this may result in further damage to the device.

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