4 Realistic Ways To Solve Sim Card Is Not From Verizon Wireless Issue

sim card is not from verizon wireless
sim card is not from verizon wireless

We all are fully aware that there are carrier locked cellphones out there that are designed to only work with their carrier. Such cellphones might cause you to have these issues such as not working properly over other SIM carriers and especially if you are planning to change your mobile carrier in the future.

Nevertheless, you might also be getting the error message on your screen that your SIM card is not from Verizon Wireless if your phone is originally from Verizon and you are using some other SIM card on the phone.

Sim Card Is Not From Verizon Wireless:

There are two possibilities for this pop-up and here is all you need to know about them both.

1. The phone is Carrier Locked

If your phone is still carrier locked by Verizon, there is no way that you can use any other SIM card on your phone. Leave out any unethical or some backdoor access methods that you might be able to get your hands on in the market as they will not only void your warranty on the phone, but they can also be a huge risk to your privacy. Moreover, it is illegal as well and you might have to face consequences if you try anything fancy on your own.

The best method to get rid of such a problem is to use the Verizon SIM card on the phone. If you have to change the carrier for some reason, you need to contact Verizon and have your phone unlocked. The phone is equipped with all the regular requirements that might be a must for using the other carrier SIM card. These phones are locked with software and you can contact Verizon to get them unlocked. If you are getting the notification on a locked phone, this will solve the problem for you.

2. If the phone is unlocked

If your phone is already unlocked and you are still getting that message on your phone, there is not much to be worried about. You will be able to make and receive calls and all the other features on your phone despite having the notification pop-up on your screen. So, if you are not annoyed by it, there is not much that you need to do and you can just leave it there.

However, if it is causing too much trouble for you. This might mean that your phone was not unlocked properly by Verizon, or there might be any software malfunction on the phone.

3. Reset the Software

The first thing that you will need to do here is to reset your phone to its default settings. Open up the Settings application, navigate to the reset menu and you will be able to find the option to factory reset your device. Once you do that, it will optimally fix up the issue for you.

4. Check with Verizon

Now, there might be some unofficial means used to activate the phone and you might not be aware of them. It is better that you check with Verizon and have your phone unlocked with them.

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