How Does Verizon Work In China?

verizon china
verizon china

Verizon works out greatly all over the US and Canada and that is something that you are looking for primarily from your carrier to have the right coverage. Although, roaming is a big deal for you if you are planning to travel and want to stay connected, keeping your number on at all times.

Specifically, if you are traveling to China, you would be concerned due to certain restrictions there and you would like to know if you will be able to use your phone in China. So, here are a few things that you must know about this to make the most of your trip.

How Does Verizon Work In China?

Would it Work?

Yes, China is among those 40 countries that you can use the roaming feature with Verizon. You don’t have anything to be worried about if you are familiar with the concept of roaming and know what it means. Basically, you will not have to change the number at all. Verizon has partnered with some local carrier there that will be taking all the calls from Verizon and you will be connected to the network through that specific carrier. This works out great and you will be able to keep your phone on at all times.

Network Strength

Now, you will also be concerned about having the right network coverage around China and what networks would you be roaming on. The basic thing is that Verizon has not revealed any carriers that they might have used in China so they can change depending on your location or any other reasons.

Although there are not any exact researches or numbers for the network coverage and strength for Verizon Roaming in China, there are no complaints either. We can safely establish that you will be getting a smooth networking experience with your Verizon Roaming in China. You can have peace of mind that you will be getting the right coverage at least in most urban china and all the big cities.

Roaming Charges

There are certain roaming charges that you will have to bear if you plan on using your US Verizon number outside the US and they might vary based on the country you are planning on visiting and what kind of usage you might have.

To start with that, you will have to pay a $10 roaming pass fee for each day for each device that you are using on roaming with Verizon outside the US. On top of that, you will have to pay certain charges on each call that you might place or receive. Yes, you heard it right. If you are on roaming, you will also be charged for any call that you might receive on your number.

So, these charges might be a bit more than the actual charges you bear within the USA. Moreover, your regular plan will not be working either. You can choose from their Pay as you Go or international billing plans according to your feasibility and stay connected with the world through your own number while traveling to China.

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