Does Huawei Work With Verizon?

does huawei work with verizon
does huawei work with verizon

Does Huawei Work With Verizon?

According to the usage of Huawei headsets, one can easily claim that it has one of the most successful systems available in today’s era. With several improvements and upgrades in their headsets, they are becoming the technology of the future. Now consider the most common carrier like Verizon in the US, you would be wondering if Huawei is compatible with Verizon and works best with it. well, the answer would be something like “Huawei works partially with Verizon”.

It means that Huawei phones are compatible with carriers like Verizon but it does come up with obvious consequences. However, not being able to be based on GSM, the Verizon network is not encouraged much to be used with Huawei headsets. Also, there are quite limitations with the number of Huawei devices working on USA’s networks.

Huawei Works Partially With Verizon:

To be straightforward and quick, we would simply say that Huawei phones work partially with the Verizon. They are capable to work on Verizon only on the 4G mode. They are said to be much compatible with T-Mobile and AT&T in the US. Although, those Huawei phones that are CDMA based and are downgraded below to be used on 3G standards and are unable to be connected to 4G can be easily used with Verizon CDMA carrier.

Therefore, being a CDMA legacy carrier, Verizon is partially useful when it comes to using them over the Huawei devices. Verizon CDMA can be downgraded to 3G for those Huawei phones that are 3G based but those phones that are required to work with GSM can not be entertained with the Verizon network which shows that Huawei phones are not possibly good pick in the US.

Many tech gurus as well as the Huawei users have been spreading that Huawei now doesn’t create phones for CDMA legacy carriers anymore. Now all of their phones are designed especially for GSM legacy network carriers.

Therefore, the short and clear answer is that Huawei devices’ usage is only restricted and applicable to the 4G mode in the Verizon network. Although, Huawei phones are wholly compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile in America.

Top Three Huawei Phones That Work With Verizon:

Following are top Huawei devices that work quite efficiently with the Verizon in the US:

  1. Huawei Mate SE:

This phone has a 4GB/64GB octa-core Processor with a camera resolution of 16MP + 2MP. It supports GSM.

  1. HUAWEI P20 Lite:

This Huawei phone has 32GB + 4GB RAM with a 5.84″ FHD display. It has features like 4G LTE Dual SIM GSM that suits the Verizon the best.

  1. Huawei Honor 10:

This phone has 4GB RAM with a GSM carrier.

Which Carrier Works Best In The US For Huawei?

If you are a fan of Huawei phones along with the resident of the USA, things might get a bit rough for you when it comes to selecting for a mobile device. Why? Because the choice for a phone wouldn’t be solely yours. If you are looking to get a Huawei mobile to use on a robust network in the US, you might need to go to any retailers and purchase the device that matches the network carrier that you have subscribed to.

Although, if you are an international traveler and willing to get a compatible Huawei phone while traveling, we would recommend you to get a phone based on GSM. Why? Because GSM is the global standard. This is why one should get a ‘global phone’. What is the “global phone”? A phone that tends to handle all 4 GSM bands plus 4G LTE. On the contrary, the CDMA based network is more likely just an American standard. You can get along with CDMA if you are not planning to leave leaving the US.


Shortly, one could extract their answer in such this way. If you have a Huawei phone with the requirement of the CDMA network, then it can be compatible greatly with Verizon carrier. However, if your Huawei phone requires a GSM network, then Verizon carrier wouldn’t help you much. You must need to change your mind by picking AT&T or subsidiary. So we can say that the Huawei phone that you already have must room for supporting the same brands that the chosen carrier has licensed.

Although, many Huawei users even claim that none of their devices work with the Verizon network anymore.

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