UPnP Set Event: Public_UPnP_c3 (How To Fix)

upnp set event: public_upnp_c3
upnp set event: public_upnp_c3

The internet has become the absolute need of the hour, and shareability is also needed. In case you are using Netgear routers, UPnP events are becoming extensively used which helps access the internet network and connect to the devices. These devices usually discover other UPnP devices automatically. However, UPnP set event: public_UPnP_c3 error can impact the device discovery. But hey, it can be fixed by following the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods!

UPnP Set Event: Public_UPnP_c3

1) IP Address

The UPnP feature will work optimally with the Netgear router only if the IP address is added correctly. Login to the Netgear router and go to the advanced tab. In the advanced tab, check the IP address field and set it to as it resolves the UPnP connectivity issues.

2) Other Applications

For everyone who is using the UPnP feature, they need to keep in mind that other devices or apps might be using the UPnP. The users can download the Microsoft Network Monitor on their computer and record the data consumption (make sure that no other programs are running). If the data is being consumed, it will also show the app. So, all you need to do is disable the app, and the UPnP error will be fixed.

This is important because other background apps in the background are scanning the external drive of your router. For instance, MS Media Player shares the data under DLNA, which again, uses the UPnP.

3) Disable UPnP

If the apps are running in the background, there are chances that ports are open and are conducting some actions. This is why we suggest that you disable the UPnP to see if the apps keep working. For disabling the UPnP, follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Login to your router and open the advanced tab
  • Go to the advanced step and scroll down to UPnP and a new window will appear
  • Now, uncheck the Turn On UPnP box

Keep in mind that UPnP is switched on by default, but it can be disabled. Once you disable the box, the Netgear router will not allow the devices to control the router resources. Also, don’t forget to hit the apply button.

4) Security Standards

The UPnP feature can be pretty sensitive to handle. If you are struggling with the error, the security standards must be set straight. Further, you need to login to the router, and the advanced section will share the wireless security tabs. For streamlining the UPnP feature, choose the WPA2 security standard with AES to ensure no ports are open for others to use.

Along with the Wi-Fi connectivity standard, you need to use a strong password for the router credentials. This is because strong passwords cannot be hijacked easily. Even more, keep changing the SSID and passwords regularly.

5) Ports

Above all, if you are not scanning the ports, you won’t be able to resolve the UPnP issue. So, you need to scan the ports (externally) and check for the open ports. When the ports start showing up, start disabling the apps that are peeking through the ports.

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