TP-Link TL WA855RE vs TL WA850RE Extender (Comparison)

tp link tl wa855re vs tp link tl wa850re
tp link tl wa855re vs tp link tl wa850re

A Wi-Fi extender is a great choice for people who are using the Wi-Fi network for connecting their devices but struggle with blind spots in the home. That’s because the Wi-Fi extender work by capturing the wireless signals, strengthening them, and sending them all across your home. However, for the wireless signal extension to work properly, you must select the right Wi-Fi extenders. For this reason, we have TP-Link TL WA855RE vs. TL WA850RE comparison in this article to help you select the range extender that offers value for money.

TP-Link TL WA855RE Extender vs TP-Link TL WA850RE Extender:

TP-Link TL WA855RE Extender

If you are struggling with Wi-Fi coverage at your office or home, you can opt for this one by the company. It helps boost the wireless signals to improve the wireless coverage, and you can expand the wireless coverage area, particularly when you press the range extender button on the unit. This Wi-Fi extender can be used with the Wi-Fi router with a 2.4GHz band. There are two external antennas on the unit that improves the speed and reliability of the Wi-Fi signals.

The best thing about this Wi-Fi extender is that it supports the AP mode, with which you can create a new access point. There is a two-year warranty available, and you get 24/7 customer support. The setup is extremely easy as you can use the WPS button on the extender and router at the same time to pair them. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the setup won’t take more than two to three minutes – both networks will have similar credentials for connecting.

The Wi-Fi extender works pretty well and has sufficient wireless range, which helps improve the Wi-Fi connectivity. On top of everything, there is an Ethernet port that can be used to create a wired connection – it can be directly connected to the TV, set-top box, and other gadgets. What we like about this Wi-Fi extender is that it’s easier to set up and has an affordable price.

The Wi-Fi extender can be connected to any Wi-Fi router and promises coverage of over 800 sq./ft. In addition, you don’t need to be worried about compatibility with access points, gateways, and routers. As far as the application is concerned, the extended network works with smart TVs, smartphones, Google Chromecast, Alexa, Ring, Firestick, and web browsers.

TP-Link TL WA850RE Extender

This is one of the best Wi-Fi range extenders designed by the brand and is a great choice for people who need a wireless extender for a medium-sized home. It has been designed with an Ethernet port that supports only 10/100 speed (you will be disappointed if you want a gigabit Ethernet connection). This Wi-Fi range extender is an affordable choice with a convenient setup and configuration, making it easier to set up for beginners.

This one has a reasonable range as it can extend the signals to over 75ft. It has a dual-band and wall-mountable design, which means you can easily put it up on the wall. The range extender has a throughput of over 300Mbps, and there are two prongs that connect to the power outlet. In addition, the front side of the extender has a circular LED indicator, which shows information about the wireless signal strength.

On top of everything, the range extender has an Ethernet port, which can be used as a bridge, so you can connect a device with the help of a cable. The setup is extremely convenient (there are two methods). First of all, you can use the WPA button, or you can simply connect the Wi-Fi extender to the power outlet, and it begins the pairing process. Once the extender is connected to the router, both of them will have the same SSID and password.

For the most part, it extends the wireless signals to over 75ft, and beyond this range, the internet signals start weakening. Overall, this is an affordable choice for apartments and smaller homes without compromising on the ease of setup. As far as the internet throughput is concerned, it has over 300Mbps of speed. The only thing you need to consider is that the Ethernet port doesn’t support the gigabit speed.

Overall, both of them are amazing, but you have to be careful about the internet throughput and coverage area as TL-WA855RE has a higher throughput and coverage!

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