TP-Link RE315 vs TP-Link RE330- The Better Pick?

tp link re315 vs re330
tp link re315 vs re330

It doesn’t matter the internet speed you are getting at home; the internet network must have a sufficient range to make sure the internet signals are available in every room of the home and eliminate the dead zones. For this reason, the Wi-Fi range extenders are utilized that are connected to the router to extend the wireless signals. However, to ensure proper wireless connection extension, you need the right extenders, which brings us to TP-Link RE315 vs. RE330 as TP-Link is the most preferred brand!

TP-Link RE315 vs TP-Link RE330:

TP-Link RE315

TP-Link RE315 is a promising choice for people who want to get rid of dead wireless spots from the home as it can be connected to the power outlet and configured to the current wireless network. It has been designed to work with mesh networks, given the 802.11ac dual-brand configuration. Collectively, this wireless range extender can achieve a speed of over 1167Mbps on both channels. If you create a mesh network, you can operate all the devices with the help of one SSID.

This range extender can automatically switch the connected devices to the modules that have the strongest wireless signals, promising smooth online gaming and video streaming. It can work with every mesh router, irrespective of the brand. The best thing about this extender is that it can be configured as an access point by connecting to the network switch or router (the Ethernet port can be used). For configuration and management of the mesh network, you can use the Tether app.

There are two external antennas designed on this extender, which promise the reception of strong wireless signals. Since it creates the mesh network, you don’t need to worry about errors in streaming, even if you move around the space. If you are concerned about safety, it has been designed with WPA/WPA2 encryption that keeps the wireless signals protected from cyberattacks. As far as the installation is concerned, all you’ve to do is to connect the extender to the power outlet, and the pairing process will begin.

The smartphone app is quite easy to use since you can keep an eye on the connected devices, change the wireless bands, change the SSIDs and passwords, or reset the system to factory default settings. Last but not least, you will have to purchase it from the online retailers as it can’t be ordered from TP-Link’s official website.

TP-Link RE330

If you have been searching for a wireless range extender that eliminates the weak signal areas or dead spots and optimizes the Wi-Fi coverage, this is one of the best choices. It has been designed with a dual-brand configuration. With the 2.4GHz band, you can achieve an internet speed of over 300Mbps, while the 5GHz band can achieve over 867Mbps internet speed, promising a stable and high-speed internet connection for everyone at home.

It actually creates a mesh wireless network by connecting to the TP-Link router for top-notch coverage. The best thing about this unit is the adaptive path selection, which means the network connects to the fastest network connection path automatically, promising error-free and high-speed internet connection. In addition, it has a high-speed mode, which helps maximize the internet speed by using the Wi-Fi band, making it suitable for gaming and HD streaming.

TP-Link RE330 has been integrated with the AP mode, which helps create a new wireless access point that helps improve the Ethernet or wired network with a wireless connection. On top of everything, there is a smart signal indicator that allows the users to select the best location for ideal Wi-Fi coverage (it shows the signal strength for your convenience). As far as router-based connection is concerned, you can simply use the WPS button and manage the connection through the Tether app or web-based interface.

This Wi-Fi range extender can be used with any wireless access point or a Wi-Fi router. The dual-band configuration of the extender helps double up the internet performance. The 2.GHz band is suitable for browsing the web and sending emails, while the 5GHz band is suitable for streaming and gaming. It has the smart roaming feature, which promises unhindered streaming, even if you move around, and you don’t need to switch the Wi-Fi networks. Last but not least, there is a 2×2 MIMO feature for turning your Ethernet connection into a wireless AP.

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