TP-Link RE550 Review (5 Key Highlights)

tp link re550 review
tp link re550 review

TP-Link is the brand people choose for reliable yet affordable networking equipment without compromising on practicality and performance. The company is manufacturing some of the best mid-spec routers, switches, bridges, and more. Their Wi-Fi range extenders are also great as they allow the users to extend the wireless network to every corner of the home. However, TP-Link RE550 definitely stands out among an array of extenders designed by the company. So, let’s check out the in-depth review!

TP-Link RE550 Review:

1. Design

This Wi-Fi range extender doesn’t only have a practical design but also meets the performance needs of internet users. It has a minimal design, which looks pretty awesome in homes and offices. The RE550 is designed to achieve top-notch signal strength and speed, and it comes with three antennas on it. These antennas are embedded in the unit to help deliver 360-degree wireless connection extension.

It’s overall pretty compatible, making it the perfect choice for people who are already using a TP-Link router for the home network. In addition, the RE550 has LED indicator lights on it that shows the network status at all times. So, if you are after a range extender that looks amazing and promises seamless performance, RE550 is a perfect choice.

2. Performance

The RE550 promises maximum coverage that eliminates any dead zones at your place, promising reliable and consistent internet connection. The antennas of the extender can be adjusted to optimize the signal extension direction. In addition, it supports dual-band operation simultaneously as it can achieve an internet speed of over 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and over 1300Mbps on the 5GHz band. These numbers are pretty impressive, and you can enjoy high-speed on multiple devices, even if you want to play games and stream online content. In fact, you can download the files simultaneously.

3. Features

To begin with, there is a Gigabit Ethernet port to connect the wired devices through the Ethernet network. You also get to have Access Point (AP) mode, with which the users can create a new access point to enhance the wired network with the current Wi-Fi connection. The range extender is equipped with TP-Link OneMesh technology, which makes it suitable to work with other TP-Link devices.

This Wi-Fi range extender has extremely convenient installation, making it suitable for beginners. Of course, you can set up the extender through the Tether app – the app also allow the users to control the Wi-Fi rang extenders from the smartphone. In case you are concerned about the availability of the smartphone app, it can be downloaded on Android or iOS smartphones, whichever phone you are using.

On top of everything, the extender has been designed with a smart signal light that automatically finds the ideal location for seamless wireless coverage. That’s because it shows the signal strength at different locations.

4. Durability

TP-Link is known for its durability, and the same goes for RE550. That’s because the extender is extremely durable, given the rigid body. In addition to high-quality plastic construction, there is a ventilation port on the back side of the extender, which ensures optimal airflow and the prevention of overheating. The best thing about this extender is that the ventilation port helps keep the unit cooled down, promising zero performance issues.

TP-Link is also offering a five-year guarantee along with free lifetime technical support for the RE550, but you are hardly going to need that since it is sturdy and has a convenient setup and features. However, just make sure that you install it properly and that the power outlet you use for it is working well. In fact, the extender comes with an instruction manual, so you can check the installation instructions.

5. Compatibility

Lastly, it is not only compatible with the TP-Link mesh systems but it also works with the TP-Link routers. However, many people have tried it with routers of other brands and this unit didn’t disappoint. So, if you don’t want to change the router, this is a great choice!

The Bottom Line

On a concluding note, this Wi-Fi range extender has been designed to transform the weak and slow internet signals into faster ones, which helps double up the internet performance of a wireless band. Having said that, it’s a reliable choice for people who want to optimize the wireless network for gaming, streaming, and downloading.


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