How to Setup TP-Link Extender TL-WA855RE (7 Must-Do Steps)

how to setup tp link extender tl-wa855re
how to setup tp link extender tl-wa855re

TP-Link is considered to be a budget brand that makes some of the most reliable and advanced networking equipment. These devices from TP-Link are highly reliable and preferred all across the world in offices and homes for seamless internet connectivity. TL-WA855RE is one of the best products designed by TP-Link, which is a range extender – it’s a great choice for people who have blind spots in the home and want to extend the wireless connection to every corner of the home. So, if you are wondering how to set it up, we have the step-by-step guide available for you!

How to Setup TP-Link Extender TL-WA855RE?

1. Compatibility

First of all, you need to keep in mind that this is a Wi-Fi range extender, so it will need an active Wi-Fi router already set up to connect. The Wi-Fi router should not only be working optimally, but it should be compatible with TP-Link WA855RE as well (you can check the list of compatible routers from the user manual). Almost all the modern TP-Link routers in the market are compatible with this range extender, but if you are using a Wi-Fi router from another brand, you will need to confirm the compatibility first.

2. Power Them On

To start the process, both devices need to be powered on. So, connect the router to a power source first and make sure that it is properly booted up. After that, you will have to find a power source to connect the TL-WA855Re, and then plug it in. Once the power light comes on, it will be clear that the range extender and router are turned on and ready to be paired.

3. Locate The WPS Button

If your router supports the WPS connectivity protocol, the whole setup process will become a lot easier for you. Since the router is already powered on, all you’ve to do is to locate the WPS button on it. It is a small button, usually beside the reset button, and has a WPS sign on it.

4. Press The WPS Button

With some routers, you just need to click the WPS button once. However, on a few models, you need to keep it pressed. Check your router’s manual for instructions on connecting through the WPS. The light should indicate the status. If the light starts blinking, it means that the WPS has been activated.

5. Connect Your Extender

Now, you will need to connect the range extender on your network. Make sure that the Wi-Fi range extender is in range, and afterwards, you can press the WPS button on the extender while it is connected to power. The WPS light is likely to blink a few times before getting stable, and your range extender will connect to the router seamlessly.

6. Check The Connectivity

You should run a check on the connectivity, and if the process goes as suggested, your Wi-Fi signal range from the router will be extended.

7. Ethernet Cable

If you are trying to connect a wired-only device like a printer, the range extender must have an Ethernet port. The good thing is that TL-WA855RE comes with an Ethernet port. You can use the Ethernet port to connect the devices and create a wired connection. For this purpose, it’s recommended that you put the extender closer to the wired devices for easier connectivity.

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