GlocalMe Duo Turbo Review – Is It Useful?

glocalme duo turbo review
glocalme duo turbo review

When it comes to portable and stable broadband connections, mobile hotspots are the talk of the town. People who are constantly on the go have a difficult time finding good signals outside their homes, which can be very frustrating at times. Therefore, GlocalMe duo turbo is the best choice for users looking for good and consistent broadband coverage. In case you are planning to buy a hotspot device and consider GlocalMe as your option, then we have prepared an in-depth GlocalMe duo turbo review to help you why you should or shouldn’t buy it.

GlocalMe Duo Turbo Review

1. Design And Structure:

Talking about the build and design of the GlocalMe duo turbo hotspot device, this device is the size of the standard hotspot device with the dimension of 4.96 * 2.60 * 0.50 inches. You can get your GlocalMe in two colors, black and white. This 4G LTE device is extremely portable that you can nearly take it anywhere with you to provide a consistent connection. With a responsive LED touch screen, you can easily adjust your settings in no time and get it running.

The device’s battery and charging capabilities are two of its most noticeable hardware features. GlocalMe has a USB-C charging port and can be easily connected to a power bank if you can’t find a socket. This is particularly useful for users who are constantly on the move.

2. Specifications:

Coming to the specification of the hotspot device, you can expect a great LTE download speed of 150Mbps and a corresponding 50Mbps of upload speed. This is quite a good deal for users who don’t have heavy internet usage. With its FDD and TDD LTEs, which are useful in maintaining flexible carrier bandwidths, you can expect a stable and robust connection.

In addition to that, this device does not require a sim card because of its Intelligent Network Selection feature. Moreover, your device prevents your network to jam unwantedly by Dynamic Network Switching which will increase the stability of your 4G LTE network.

3. Wi-Fi Speeds And Setup:

GlocalMe turbo offers some great Wi-Fi speeds to ensure a strong connection. No matter where you are, you can connect your GlocalMe hotspot with multiple devices with relatively easy setup procedures. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a GlocalMe dual-turbo is that upload and download speeds can be affected by weather and coverage area, so if you use the GlocalMe in a location that is far from the GlocalMe servers and has bad weather, the hotspot device’s broadband speeds will suffer.

4. Dual Modem:

GlocalMe provides dual modem technology, which allows you to connect your hotspot device to one modem while keeping the other modem as a backup. This feature provides you with a strong broadband connection and continuous Wi-Fi speed. The duo turbo function prevents your device from losing signals of your hotspot device which means a more consistent flow of network throughout the devices.

5. Security And Features:

Talking about the security and features of the GlocalMe dual-turbo hotspot device, this device offers an exclusive feature of Patent Cloud Sim technology which lets the device choose the most effective network for uninterrupted signals. With the shareable Wi-Fi feature you can connect up to 10 devices with your hotspot and enjoy mainstream bandwidths in more than 140 countries globally. You can choose an appropriate data plan to suit your needs with no added contract charges. You can easily check and control your signal status and data stream with the GlocalMe Visual Interface. In addition to that, it provides data security to your network to prevent it from network breaches and viruses.


The GlocalMe dual-turbo is an excellent device for meeting your daily internet requirements. This device will give you a strong, consistent, and dependable data connection across all of your devices. If you are not a heavy internet user, this device will provide you with adequate Wi-Fi bandwidths, or you can easily upgrade your data plans to meet your needs. Despite its high prices and expensive data plans, this device is a good choice for any user concerned about broadband.

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