3 Ways To Fix TP-Link Powerline No Internet Access

tp link powerline no internet access
tp link powerline no internet access

TP-Link is a famous company that manufactures networking products for its users. These include modems, routers as well as mesh systems. You can easily check out the lineup of devices available by them from their website. By clicking on a specific product, you should be able to check out further information about it. This lets the user find a device that will be best for their usage.

Aside from this, you should note that the products from the company have lots of features built onto them. These allow you to have an even better experience and ensure that you can stay relaxed. Though, recently some TP-Link Powerline users have been reporting that they are getting no internet access on their device. If you are also getting the same issue then this article should help you in fixing it.

TP-Link Powerline No Internet Access

  1. Reboot Device

Most routers and modems from TP-Link are designed to store data from their users. These files note the preferences which will then make it easier for the system to load these up. The process increases the speeds of your device so that you can have a much better time.

However, sometimes the system can have a hard time trying to delete these files on its own. Once they get clogged up, you will notice that your internet starts giving you similar errors. The only way to manually delete all of these files is by rebooting the device.

Disconnect the main power cable of your modem and then wait for some time. Usually, a few minutes should be enough for your router to clear up its memory. You can then plug in your main power cable back in to continue using your internet connection again. Sometimes, people might have to reboot their entire network instead.

  1. Reset Device

If the simple reboot did not work for you then you will have to reset the device instead. This will delete all of the configuration files on the device which should remove the problem along with it. You can begin the reset by holding down a pin behind the device.

After a few seconds, the lights on your router should start to blink. Once these have all become stable again, you can proceed to set up the settings again. This will take some time but once you are done, the problem should now be gone. You can also reset the device from the interface settings directly.

  1. Contact ISP

If none of the steps mentioned above work out for you. Then you will have to contact your ISP. Tell them about your issue in detail so that the company can identify the issue. Sometimes, ISP is maintaining their services which can cause the connection to be down.

Though, these are usually fixed on their own. It is still better if you notify them about the error so that the company can look into it. Once they are done with identifying the root of your problem. The ISP should be able to provide you with a solution that you can use.

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