TP-Link Archer C7 5GHz Problem: 3 Ways To Fix

tp link archer c7 5ghz problem
tp link archer c7 5ghz problem

Most people already have an internet connection in their homes. You can use it to search for information and even watch movies on it. There are numerous features that this service provides you with. Aside from this, there are mainly two methods that can be used to access the internet. One of these is through a wired connection.

On the other hand, you can use a wireless connection that is set up using a router. Many companies are manufacturing these devices out of which TP-Link is among the best. All of their routers are amazing to use and extremely easy to configure. Though, some people have reported that their TP-Link Archer C7 is giving them a problem when trying to use 5GHz. If this has happened to you as well then here are some steps that can be followed.

TP-Link Archer C7 5GHz Problem

  1. Restore to Factory Default Settings

If you have recently set your device to use the 5 GHz channel on it and there are some issues. Then you might have not configured the settings properly. Alternatively, you might have changed something accidentally that you were unaware of.

Whatever the case might be, the only option, in this case, is to reset your device. Manually trying to locate the file where the error is will take you a lot of time. People who are unaware of the settings will have an even harder time. This is why the reset is your best option.

You can hold down the button behind your router using a small pin. After a few seconds, the device should start resetting. Once the lights on it become stable, you can then start configuring it again. Make sure that you set up the files correctly on your system this time.

  1. Change Frequency Channel

Sometimes people can select the wrong channel when trying to configure their router. Certain channels can be selected when using the 5GHz bandwidth frequency. Considering this, if you have entered these randomly then that might be why you are getting the problem.

You can search online for a list of channels that should work out best for you. People can even try setting up different channels one by one and then see which one has the fastest connection. Keep in mind that saving the changes once you are done with this is essential. Sometimes you might even have to reboot the router once before the channel on it gets changed.

  1. Use Beta Firmware

The 5GHz channels are quite new at the time. This is why you should note that not all firmware versions can handle it. Even if you have the latest one installed, there is a high chance that you will run into problems. Though, you can contact TP-Link and tell them about your issue.

You can then ask them to send you the beta firmware version for the 5GHz channel. This should allow you to use the service without any errors. You can even find it uploaded on the internet but keep the compatibility for it in mind.

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