TP-Link Extender 5GHz Not Working: 6 Ways To Fix

tp link extender 5ghz not working
tp link extender 5ghz not working

TP-LINK is one of the prime choices for people who need the internet and network devices. Similarly, they have designed extenders for people who want to optimize and improve the wireless range. That being said, people are complaining about the TP-LINK extender 5GHz not working. In that case, you have come to the right place, and we are sharing the solutions with you!

TP-Link Extender 5GHz Not Working

1) Wireless Band

When it comes down to the wireless channels and frequencies, you need to understand that wireless bands must be on-point. So, if the 5GHz is not working on TP-LINK extenders, we suggest that you change this wireless channel of the internet or wireless router to band 1. It will include the channel 36, 44, 40, and 48. In addition, you could try disabling the DFA of the router (the main router, to be precise).

2) Support

If the 5GHz is not working with the TP-LINK extender, you have to understand that router must support this wireless channel before the extender detects the wireless channel. In this case, you have to check the wireless channel settings of the router. In case the router is not supporting the 5GHz wireless band, the extender won’t work with this wireless channel.

3) Password

When it comes down to TP-LINK extender 5GHz not working, there are chances that you are using the incorrect password. That being said, you should forget the network from the network tab and add the password again (make sure the password is correct). Once you change the password, you need to reboot the extender to optimize the performance.

4) Weak Signals

In case 5GHz is still not working with the TP-LINK extender, there are chances that the wireless signals are weak. At this point, there are two points that you need to consider. First of all, you need to call the internet service provider and opt for a high-quality internet connection with a higher speed. On the contrary, if you cannot change the internet connection package, you can simply reboot the extender, and it will improve the wireless connection speed.

5) Wi-Fi Network Driver

The users need to be extremely conscious about the wireless network driver because it can directly influence the internet speed and performance. For instance, if the wireless network adapter is outdated, it will adversely impact the performance of the wireless connection. To fix this issue, you have to check the wireless network driver and update it if the update is available. In addition, if the wireless network driver is updated, it’s best to reboot the extender because it will streamline the performance.

6) Reboot

Whenever there are internet connection issues on the wireless network with the TP-LINK extender, there are chances of incorrect configurations. These configuration issues can lead to connectivity issues since they might have congestion.

Consequently, we suggest that you reboot the extender. For rebooting the extender, cut down the power connection and wait for a few minutes before you connect the power again. As a result, we are certain that the 5GHz connection will start working.

To summarize, the solutions mentioned in this article are likely to fix the 5GHz connection issue. In case the 5GHz connection is still not working, you can talk to the TP-LINK customer support.

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