3 Fixes For Red Light On A TP Link Powerline Adapter

tp link powerline adapter red light
tp link powerline adapter red light

The powerline adapters have become the most viable way of extending the internet and network coverage in a space, particularly if you don’t want to use extra cables and setup. For this reason, TP-Link has designed high-quality and affordable powerline adapters with top-notch performance. However, just like other network devices, TP-Link Powerline adapter red light error is also a problem many users struggle with. So, let’s see what can be done to convert this red light into green light!

Red Light On TP-Link Powerline Adapter Fix

It is important to add that there are three lights designed on the adapter, including a powerline LED, power LED, and Ethernet LED, and the red light on each of these LEDs means something different. In the section below, we are explaining the root cause of red light on these LED indicators as well as the solutions.

1. Power Indicator

The power indicator light must be turned on at all times. This is because if this light is off, it simply means that the unit is switched off. If the light is switched off, you need to check the socket and make sure it’s working properly. However, if the power socket isn’t working (you can check the continuity with the help of a tester), switch to a different socket.

On the other hand, when the adapter is in power-saving or paring mode, the power light will flash. Once the pairing process is complete, the power light will be steading. Overall, this light is either turned on or off; it won’t show red light.

2. Powerline Indicator

Once you have created a powerline connection or the pairing is complete, the powerline indicator will be turned on and it goes off only when the unit is in power-save mode. The green powerline LED means that the data rate is over 80Mbps while the orange light means the data rate range from 48Mbps to 80Mbps. On the other hand, if the data rate is slower than 48Mbps, it will glow in red color.

The red light means a poor internet connection. So, you should reboot the powerline adapters as well as internet routers to make sure the internet speed is optimized. You can also contact the internet service provider for upgrading the internet plan to achieve higher internet speed.

3. Ethernet Indicator

When the device is connected to an Ethernet port and is turned on, it’s obvious that the Ethernet LED indicator will turn on and starts flashing during data transfer. If the Ethernet LED indicator is glowing in red color, it means that the Ethernet connection is not working. It is recommended that you disconnect the Ethernet cable and reconnect it tightly. In addition to this, make sure the Ethernet cable is not bent because it indicates internal damage, which negatively impacts the network connectivity.

The Bottom Line

The red light usually indicates a connectivity error, which is why you should try upgrading the internet package to increase the internet speed. However, if the red light isn’t going away, call TP-Link customer support for more assistance.

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