8 Ways To Fix TowerFall Ascension Slow Internet

TowerFall Ascension slow internet
TowerFall Ascension slow internet

The gamers who are the fan of action indie video games, TowerFall Ascension is a top-notch game. With this game, the players can control around four archers within the multiplayer game platform. The game is pretty famous since it’s available on Windows, OS X, PlayStation, Linux, Xbox, and more. However, TowerFall Ascension slow internet can be pretty troublesome. However, we have outlined the troubleshooting methods for fixing the internet-related issues!

How to Fix TowerFall Ascension Slow Internet?

1. Drivers & Software

If a slow internet issue occurs with TowerFall Ascension, you need to check out the drivers and software. The users will need to check the official website of the drivers and card manufacturers. If the update is available, download them on the system. The users must ensure that the video card and graphics card driver is completely loaded. In addition, don’t use the beta version since there are bugs and can hinder the connectivity. That being said, once the drivers and cards are updates, the internet connections will be streamlined.

2. Reinstall

In case the game is not working at all on the system, it might be because of the errors during the installation phase. For this purpose, it’s best to delete the game and install it again after some time. In addition, while you are reinstalling the game, make sure that you disable the antivirus because it tends to delete the files during the installation process. The missing files can also result in performance and connectivity errors. Furthermore, just ensure that the HDD has enough space for proper installation. Once the game is properly installed, we are pretty sure that you won’t have an internet issue.

3. Anti-Aliasing

When it comes down to game errors, the users need to be mindful of the settings. To begin with, open the graphics settings and switch off the anti-aliasing feature. In addition, you must reduce these settings because it results in high-speed processing and internet connectivity. This is because switching off these settings will improve the game performance without impacting the picture quality.

4. Updates

The video game developers usually launch regular updates since it fixes the bugs. That being said, if there is a TowerFall Ascension update available, you must download and install it on the system. For future reference, it’s best to switch on the automatic patch installation system in the settings. This is because it will automatically install the game updates and will ensure zero internet connection issues or bugs.

5. Free Drive Space

If the game is running slowly or has performance issues, there are chances that the issue is due to drive space rather than the internet connection. That being said, while playing TowerFall Ascension, the users must have at least 1GB to 2GB free drive space. Once the space issue is resolved; we are pretty sure that the performance issue will be resolved. In addition, you will see improvement in network connectivity.

6. Antivirus

When you are playing TowerFall Ascension, internet connectivity issues might occur because you have switched on the antivirus. The antivirus tends to slow down the internet connection (yes, really!). In case you have switched on the antivirus, just disable it while playing the game, and you will have a better internet connection. In case you are playing this game on Windows, we suggest that you disable the firewall as well because it improves the internet connection.

7. VPN

Yes, the internet connection will be improved when you switch on the VPN. For the same reason, if you have a slow internet issue on TowerFall Ascension, we suggest that you switch on the VPN. The VPN will mask your network and identity, and it will be free from internet interferences. So, switch on the VPN and enjoy a high-speed internet connection with TowerFall Ascension.

8. Bandwidth

Well, if you are struggling with a slow internet issue, there are chances that you have subscribed to the low-speed internet connection or bandwidth. If that’s the case, you need to call the internet service provider and upgrade to the higher bandwidth. In simpler words, the users need to subscribe to the internet plan with higher bandwidth. Once you are subscribed to the high-speed internet connection, the slow internet issue will be resolved. If none of these troubleshooting methods resolve the issue, get in touch with the ISP for better assistance regarding the connectivity issue!

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