8 Ways To Fix Slow Internet On Sea of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves slow internet
Sea Of Thieves slow internet

Sea of Thieves is the prime choice of gamers who like the pirating experience since this game offers everything. Ranging from fighting to looting, and sailing to exploring, the game is thrilling to its core. This game was basically released in 2018 after tons of beta releases but Sea Of Thieves’ slow internet issue is still there. So, let’s check out how to fix it!

How To Fix Sea of Thieves Slow Internet?

1. Drivers

The video games run slow and have an ineffective connection when the drivers are outdated. For this purpose, the users must ensure that the network drivers are updated on the computer system. The driver updates can be checked from the computer settings.  There are third-party software options that scan the system and share the available driver updates. So, if the network driver update is available, download it and try the game again.

In addition to updating the drivers, the users might need to defrag and scan the drivers. In particular, the driver with Sea Of Thieves located on it must be scanned and defragged. Secondly, don’t forget about the GPU drivers because they must be upgraded from time to time to ensure streamlined communication between the graphics card and the game.

2. Background Apps

The video games like Slow Of Thieves demand reliable and steady internet connection to operate properly. Likewise, when there are too many apps and software running in the background, the internet signals will be distributed. As a result, a slow internet issue will occur with the game. We suggest that you switch off all the apps and software in the background as it reduces internet consumption. As a result, the internet will be used only by the game, hence no slow internet issues.

3. Settings

When it comes down to playing games on the computer system, the computer settings will directly impact the performance. First of all, you need to check the power options on the system; it must be set to high to ensure internet connectivity can work properly. Secondly, the Windows system must have the best performance setting instead of quality. This is because the best performance will ensure proper internet and network connectivity, promising zero slow internet issues.

In addition to the power and performance settings, the priority matters as well. Generally, the slow internet issue leads to a lag in Sea Of Thieves. For fixing this issue, the players must ensure that Sea Of Thieves is set to the high priority settings (it can be set through the task manager).

4. VPN

Some of the games are designed to work faster when the VPN is enabled. On the contrary, active VPN sucks up the internet which leads to slow connection. Similarly, if you are playing Sea Of Thieves on a computer system with an active VPN, it’s the culprit. So, just disable the VPN and the internet connectivity will be enhanced for sure.

5. Security Settings

The computer systems have various security features, such as firewall, windows defender, and antivirus systems. These security settings surely protect the systems but they can slow down the internet and interrupt the game. In particular, the antivirus programs often block and restrict the networks. So, disable all these security settings and programs while you are playing the game.

6. Video & Graphics Settings

The users don’t usually understand that video and graphics settings can interfere with the internet signals. That’s because when these settings are set to the highest, it results in slow internet issues (they demand high-speed internet). With this being said, we suggest that you lower the video and graphics settings because it takes off the stress from the internet.

7. Overheating

When the computer system is overheated, it can adversely impact the internet connectivity. Similarly, these hardcore games can overheat the system. So, it’s suggested that you place the computer in the well-ventilated area or add additional fans around. Once the computer cools down, play the game again and you will not have internet issues.

8. Connection

The Wi-Fi connections are prone to interferences that can lead to slow internet issues with Sea Of Thieves. For this purpose, you should opt for the wired connection because it reduces the chances of network interference. So, try the wired connection and play Sea Of Thieves without any internet issues.

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