7 Ways To Fix Animal Crossing Slow Internet Issue

animal crossing slow internet
animal crossing slow internet

Animal Crossing is one of the interesting and enjoyable games out there. With this game, players need to pay off the debts and upgrade their homes. There are various activities, such as selling fish and bugs, dig up fossils, and more.

However, Animal Crossing slow internet can impact the gaming experience. However, we have the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article!

Animal Crossing Slow Internet

1) Wait A Bit

Yes, Animal Crossing is still a new game out there and there are some operational issues. With this being said, the loading times are elongated, so slow internet might not be the reason at all. This issue will go off with time. With this being said, we suggest that you wait and the slow loading issue will be resolved. Secondly, with the limitations in the hardware, the speed will variate. For instance, Animal Crossing will run better on Xbox One or PS4 as compared to PC.

2) MTU Option

When it concerns the slow internet with Animal Crossing, changing the MTU option should be your first instinct. For changing the MTU option, you need to open the system settings and open the internet tab. Then, open the internet settings and choose the preferred network. From this preferred network tab, you need to open the change settings and hit the MTU option. You will see MTU option is set to 1400 but changing it to 1500 will resolve the issue.

MTU option is the maximum transmission unit. With this settings update, the switch will be enabled to download more units with data packet requests. As a result, the download times will reduce and the slow internet issue will be optimized.

3) Internet Connection

Keep in mind that you cannot ignore the internet connection when it concerns the slow internet issue with Animal Crossing. So, when the slow internet issue occurs with Animal Crossing while playing it online, you must check the internet connection. With this being said, it’s suggested that you connect the game to a high-speed Wi-Fi network.

There are various variants of Animal Crossing, each of them works with different internet speed. For instance, Animal Crossing New Horizons can be played on 1Mbps, so your internet connection must be set to 5Mbps.

4) Software

If you think the loading time of Animal Crossing is slow because of issues other than the internet connection, it’s probably the software. With this being said, you could try deleting the software. However, this should be done only if you have the Animal Crossing game card.

For deleting the game, you need to switch to the home screen, hit the game icon, and press the plus button on the top. It will open the options, so choose the data management option. Now, hit on the “delete software” option and it will delete the software. Further, just wait for five to ten minutes and install it again.

5) Game Card

When it comes down to the Animal Crossing game, you must be using the Nintendo Switch, right? So, you need to try the game card in another Nintendo Switch. This is because the issues with the game card will result in slow internet issues. For this purpose, add the game card to another Nintendo Switch and the slow internet and loading issue will be resolved for sure.

6) Factory Reset

Usually, the consoles aren’t working at their best which leads to connectivity issues and slow speed. For this purpose, the users need to factory reset their console as well as the Nintendo Switch. Once the reset is complete, you will need to set up the game again but it will resolve the slow internet issues. Moreover, it fixes the slow loading issue as well.

7) Reboot

It doesn’t matter which internet connection you are using, it can undergo connectivity issues. Similarly, if there are issues with the router or modem, it will lead to slow internet error with Animal Crossing. With this being said, you need to reboot the router and refresh the internet signals. As a result, the internet signals will be high-speed and Animal Crossing will work optimally.

If you are still struggling with the slow internet issue with Animal Crossing, you must call Nintendo Switch and ask them for assistance. Once you narrate the issue, they will offer the troubleshooting methods.

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