6 Ways To Fix Slow Internet On Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From The Ashes slow internet
Remnant: From The Ashes slow internet

Remnant: From The Ashes is a survival and action video game with a post-apocalyptic world. The world is dominated by mythical creatures. Truth be told, playing against the deadly enemies in this game is truly exciting. On the contrary, Remnant: From The Ashes slow internet can make it difficult to beat the enemies. However, you don’t need to worry because it can be fixed by following the troubleshooting methods below!

How To Fix Remnant: From the Ashes Slow Internet?

1. V-Sync

It’s known as the vertical sync and it enables the users to sync the frame rate with the refresh rate. As a result, the game will have better graphics and a stable connection. Usually, V-Sync is disabled but users have been saying goods things when it’s enabled. For this purpose, you can enable the V-Sync setting on the game by following the steps mentioned below;

  • First of all, launch the game and open the option
  • Scroll down to the graphics
  • Tap on V-Sync and enable it
  • Save the changes and done

Once you’ve enabled V-Sync, just restart the game and you won’t have any slow internet issues.

2. Supersampling

If you are playing Remnant: From The Ashes on PS4 and have a slow internet issue, supersampling will fix the issue for you. Generally, it improves the picture quality but the processing will be enhanced as well. Truth be told, it works like magic for resolving the slow internet issues. So, you can enable supersampling by following the steps in the section below;

  • Start the game and open the options menu
  • Scroll down to the video output settings
  • Now, move to the supersampling mode
  • Enable it and save the changes

After saving these changes, just restart the PS4 and the issue will be resolved.

3. FPS Cap

This is the special feature of the game that allows the players to set the higher frame rate (maximum that it can achieve). This will actually stabilize the game, irrespective of the connection issues. So, let’s tweak the FPS cap settings and see if it works!

  • Launch the game and move to the settings
  • Hit the video button and scroll down to the maximum frames per second
  • It will be set to zero by default, but you need to set it to 60
  • Save the changes and switch off the game

When the game shuts off, just restart your computer system and the game will work optimally.

4. Integrity of Files

When the installation of the game isn’t correct, it will lead to network and connectivity issues. Generally, the files get corrupt during the installation process. In addition, it can happen when the update isn’t processed completely. For this purpose, you will need to verify the integrity of the files and see if it helps with the connectivity issues. So, follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Open the game on your system
  • Choose the properties option and right-click on it
  • Hit on the local files
  • Tap on verify the integrity of game files option
  • It will take some time for the verification process to complete
  • Once the verification process finishes off, restart the computer system, and done!

5. Drivers

The rivers of your game and computer system must be updated to ensure a streamlined internet connection. To begin with, the users need to check for the network driver updates. These updates can be checked through the computer system. However, there are various third-party that can scan for the network driver updates. As a result, the network connectivity will be enhanced.

Secondly, you need to update the graphics drivers as well. It helps streamline the information transmission in the computer and across the computer system. As a result, the connection will be optimized and the game will start functioning properly. Also, when the drivers are downloaded and installed, you must restart the computer before playing the game.

6. Antivirus

The antivirus programs can often interfere with the network that can lead to connection issues. The antivirus programs tend to restrict the network. So, just disable the antivirus while playing the game. As a result, the network restrictions will be resolved and slow internet error will be fixed. Also, if you have enabled the windows defender and firewall on the system, it will result in similar connectivity issues. So, if possible, disable them as well!

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