Total Wireless vs Page Plus: Compare

Total Wireless vs Page Plus
Total Wireless vs Page Plus

Two of the most popular and well-reputed telecommunication operators are Total Wireless and Page Plus. Both of Total Wireless and Page Plus is owned by a single company named the Tracfone. The company of Tracofone is well known in providing its customers with a well-customized plan.

Coming towards the Page Plus, it is considered to be a discounted wireless carrier that utilizes and consumes on the leading networks of Verizon for its cellphone services. On the other hand, the Total Wireless is comparably older than Page Plus.

Total Wireless has been around ever since the emergence of Tracfone. When it comes to performance, Total Wireless is entirely helpful and never stutters. It performs various operations well on the websites to have the given work done.

However, to be very honest, there are not many apparent or big points of differences between the Total Wireless and Page Plus, as both of these are part of a single company Tracfone.

Although a proper comparison between the Total Wireless and Page Plus is explained thoroughly in the following description, there is an extremely thin-lined difference between these two operators of the Tracofone company.

To understand it completely, you would need to go through the entire description. So let’s get into this without further delay.

Total Wireless vs Page Plus

Total Wireless:

Total Wireless is considered to be one of the low-cost cell phone services that are responsible for reducing your current billings in half. This Tracfone carrier of Total Wireless is an MVNO, a mobile virtual network operator that is used to rely on Verizon’s towers to give their customers the same excellent network coverage at a fraction of the price.

Performance-wise and texting wise Total Wireless is going to meet its customers’ expectations. Most of the customers experienced zero dropped calls as well as the zero missed texts in more than a month by looking over the prepaid carrier.

Moreover, the sound quality works completely fine with the Total Wireless. No, any disturbance and distortion are experienced.

This Tracfone owned operator provides the phone service offering boundless talks and texting. The biggest supplier companies are bolstering their countless services. The Total Wireless enables numerous clients to have their particular gadgets along with providing the number of clients their particular handsets having distant and varying payment plans to benefit their customers ultimately.

Moreover, the clients have the tendencies to refill their registration plans each month via reloading their credit through the web and the Walmart retailers. Besides, the clients can enlist in an Auto-Refill, which is used to consequently refill the plan toward the ending of each charging cycle.

There is no incorporation of extra charges in the Total Wireless. Besides, access to the account and data roaming is totally free. It is up to the customers if they want to keep their existing phone numbers or have new ones from their Total Wireless plans.

Total Wireless is the cheapest option in terms of data coverage as they have pricing plans coming up with transparent costs.

Page Plus:

Page Plus is an MVNO operator that runs exclusively on the (VW) Verizon Wireless network. The biggest plus point of Page Plus is that it is associated with Verizon as it has the best download speed. It was found out while testing LTE networks earlier. However, Page Plus does support data roaming if you are out of the limits of the Verizon network through Page Plus and have got some spiced up data plans.

When it comes to the requirements of the Page Plus plans, it needs an unlocked cell phone with a Page Plus SIM card. The customers do have an option to directly shop from Page Plus, where they are offering 47 different sets with various payment plans that are quite flexible for the number of users.

It is the choice of the Page Plus consumers whether they buy their phone right away or go for paying in installments. It is better not to go for the installments option as it is designed to rip those customers off when they are asked to pay twice the amount they could have paid earlier. Page plus, besides, offers quite appealing monthly or even long-termed plans.

Page Plus has given the sheer importance to the affordability of their customers by offering suitable data plans which solely depends on how a consumer is able to afford. For the record, the Page Plus operators were the pioneers of catering to the customers with existing mobile networks. Although they have pretty much lost the respective edge as today, every other operator company is offering this service.

Concluding Points of Total Wireless VS Page Plus:

So basically, the Total Wireless tends to offer the introductory month to month services plans along with the texting services and fast mobile data bundles that are designed to aid the heaviest portable clients to exist.

In contrast, Signal or Data Roaming is stimulated by Page Plus in those areas that are outside of the limit of Verizon coverage. In this way, the extra charges are followed by Page Plus. However, with flexible plans, you can have control over it.

Coming towards Page Plus, we get to have unlimited talking and texting; however, 12GB of shared data per month as opposed to the 3GB of total un-shared data. On the other end, an individual plan on Total Wireless costs $35 per month for unlimited texting or talking as well as the extra 5GB data.

The price of $35 sometimes also drops to $32.30 per month via the Autopay. This gesture makes the Total Wireless quite cost-effective as compared to Page Plus.

Lastly, Page Plus and the Total Wireless are both owned by Tracfone an America Movil Carlos Slim. The customer service and its quality would not be much different. Both of these operators activate Verizon CDMA as well as the LTE devices. However, data restriction policies are applied varying between the brands. Before installing any of these two operators, dig into their service plans thoroughly.

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