Compare Charging Case vs Wireless Charging Case

charging case vs wireless charging case
charging case vs wireless charging case

Charging Case vs Wireless Charging Case

Charging the battery is always a concern for the people who own a mobile phone. It is frustrating when you need your phone to do some work but you cannot because there is no battery left. It does not end here, there are times when you have the mobile charger with you but there are no charging slots available. There are times when the battery significantly drops from 80 percent to 10 percent within minutes. In this advanced world of technology, there are many ways to get yourself out of situations like these. A charging case or even a wireless charging case might work out for you. Now the question is when it comes to charging case vs wireless charging case, which one is more preferable and is more likely to be used in the future.

Charging Case

Most mobile users are fine with their battery dropping because no one actually guarantees that the battery life will be always extraordinary. Some people have a big issue regarding this matter so they try to keep a backup with them at all times. This usually includes them carrying a power bank. However, this is not as easy as how it looks.

Keeping the power bank charged at all times is a task of its own. Carrying the power bank everywhere you go is another one. Is there an alternative or another solution to help keep your battery charged when you need it the most? Yes. Charging cases are a much convenient way to charge the battery of a mobile phone. A charging case or a battery case gives a peace of mind and better mobility while power banks are rarely pocketable.

There is a conception that is most likely true when it comes to charging from a charging case or any power bank. The rumor is that these charging cases affect battery life in a bad way. Yes, they mostly do because the charging case is not the primary source to charge the phone. In fact, it is a backup solution for people who face battery issues or need more juice in their phones for a long time until the end of the day. It does extend the internal battery of the phone but the phone’s battery manager does not usually know how the phone is charging.

Sometimes these charging cases do not deliver the right amount of voltage as required by the phone in order to charge properly. This leads to a shortening of battery life in the future, as it is effected. The only possible way to prevent this is by not overcharging the phone. It is always recommended to unplug the phone before it reaches 100 percent. Charging it around 80 percent is just fine. You can charge it again later if needed and will not degrade your mobile phone’s battery.

Getting a charging case is easy but managing it can be a problem for some people. Many people use customized covers on their phones and if they get a charging case they will have to take it off every single time to charge their phones. Moreover, most of these charging cases are quite bulky and big in size. They will be as a bigger size has more battery to offer and that is the sole purpose of these cases. Slimmer charging cases have a very compact look and do not have a lot of battery life to offer to the phones.

Another major factor is that these charging cases world with limited phone models and do not fit every single mobile phone. Apple introduced charging cases for their iPhones that can fast charge the phones. The charging case also supports fast charging. It is preferable to charge the phone and charging case separately and not together. The new stylish cases are usually made of silicone, which is actually great in terms of gripping the phone with the case on, but it gets too sticky sometimes.

In addition, it is best to avoid going in direct sunlight with a charging case on, as it gets overheated. Not playing games while the charging case is on is also recommended.

Wireless Charging Case

As the name suggests, wireless charging means to charge your device without having to need any cables. Wireless charging happens through wireless waves between the charger and the receiver, which is in the back of a mobile phone. This is commonly known as “Qi” wireless charging and many companies including Apple use this technology to help people charge their mobile phones.

Air pods from Apple are charged by using a wireless charging case. The air pods are charged inside the wireless charging case. This case can be charged using a Lightning connector or even a Qi pad. The Qi pad technology starts to charge the case as soon as you put the air pods in the case.

There is a light visible on the case that blinks when the wireless charging case beings to charge the air pods. Moreover, this wireless charging case does not support fast charging. Most third party products even offer fast charging with their wireless charging cases. The Qi technology is widely used these days and is expected to play a major role in the years to come.

The Qi technology used in the wireless charging case includes the wireless charging coil, which creates an electromagnetic field and charges the air pods wirelessly inside the case. The wireless charging case needs to be perfectly aligned on the Qi pad or charging mat in order to start the charging process.

The newer version of the wireless charging case includes two coils on both sides. The weak one is disabled for a temporary time while the other one is used to charge the air pods wirelessly. Does this Qi technology make the wireless charging case superior in the charging case vs wireless charging case rivalry? This is a very common question these days.

The Difference?

Both of them are completely different in many different ways. The charging case is a battery inside a case and simply function as a power bank. While the wireless charging case involves the latest Qi technology. The two major differences between these two technologies are the use of wires in the charging case and the wireless Qi tech used in the wireless charging cases. The second one is fast charging which is supported by most charging cases but not by many wireless-charging cases.

Overall, the Qi technology is most likely to be the future in terms of charging as people these days do not want heavy products in their hands, they want more mobility and flexibility. In addition, obviously, fewer wires. The wireless charging case might be the actual champion in this charging case vs wireless charging case rivalry.

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