Visible vs Total Wireless: What’s The Difference ?

Visible vs Total Wireless
Visible vs Total Wireless

The paradigm shift has made this world pretty fast-paced, and also, there are convenient tech solutions available to make life easier for people. One such thing is using smartphones, and to be honest, one can hardly find anyone who doesn’t have the smartphone logging in their hands. But it is essential to note that these smartphones require active communication services.

This is why there are wireless communication services available in the market because, at one end, there is saturating demand while, on the other end, an increasing number of companies are offering the services. Be it the voice calling or data plans, the options are unlimited, but quality varies with the service providers.

There are people who are always on the lookout for top-notch service providers, and if you are in the same boat, we are talking about two of them; Visible Wireless and Total Wireless and how they have become one of the top choices. With this article, we are comparing both names on multiple metrics. So, let’s see what these companies are all about!

Visible vs Total Wireless

Visible Wireless

The company has joined the bandwagon of cell phone service providers, and to be honest, people have some high hopes for them. The features are spiking up, which liberalizes the customers to sign up on the website and order the SIM card in the mail. Once you receive the SIM card, insert it into the phone and register yourself by downloading the app, no fussy, and long procedures.

Over the years, they have come up with multiple plans, but they have never loosened the thread of affordability. However, people have been complaining about the performance scale, and with this section, we are sharing everything one needs to know about the Visible Wireless and their quality & performance metrics.

Visible Wireless is the MVNO that is named for borrowing or leasing the large-scaled companies’ cell towers to provide services to the audience base. However, they are working on prepaid bases at a lower scale. So, Visible Wireless has tied knots with Verizon Wireless as the leasing company for cell towers and machinery.

According to experts, Visible Wireless is a common choice among the young market, and Verizon intends to capture that market by providing machinery, equipment, and cell towers to Visible Wireless. The biggest advantage that Visible Wireless has captured is the huge brand backing them up and the affordable yet unlimited plan. Even more, there are no limitations or speed caps in the services.

In the following section, we are going to share insightful details about their services. So, as far as their packages are concerned, there is unlimited data, voice, and messaging features available. They are offering a wide range of internet services, ranging from 3G and 4G to LTE, based on customer preferences, demands, and location.

Even more, if there are 5G towers in a certain area, the 5G signals are provided as well. This means that there shall be no hindrance in internet connectivity, and also, the voice calls will have clarity. There are always some limitations in the data connectivity of receiving signals, and Visible has done that as well.

We are saying this because Visible Wireless has limited the video streaming power to 480p, but as far as the other data is concerned, there are no limitations in that. This means that there will be an issue in browsing and gaming sessions. There is another reason that’s making Visible Wireless a top choice, and that’s their integrated pricing. This means that users don’t need to worry about extra fees and taxes.

Visible Wireless has effective and well-integrated service provision in almost every part of the country because the network coverage is pretty versatile (if you are looking for signals in the middle of the ocean, that might not be possible!) This is possible because Visible Wireless is operated through Verizon. Overall, the quality and speed are top-notch. As far as the mobile hotspot is concerned, the hotspot data amount is pretty adequate, and there are no limits there either.

The Downsides

There are always cons adhered to the services, and if you are using the Visible Wireless, there might be a decline in the speed. This is because it’s a small-scaled company, and signals can be posed to congestion, leading to declining speed. Also, you might need to be considerate about the video streaming limits because they are limited to 480p, but to be honest, it’s not so bad since the screen is already small!

Total Wireless

Okay, so this might be a surprise to you, but Total Wireless is also working through the machinery, equipment, and cell towers of Verizon, similarly to the Visible Wireless. However, there ought to be differences because the front-end services are handled by the MVNOs themselves. So, with Total Wireless, there are no issues of missed text receiving or sending.

Also, there are no apparent cases for dropping calls, and even if you are finding the signals in the caves, you might find some there as well. This network coverage speaks volumes about the top-notch services and how this small MVNO is better than high-end service providers. As far as the data services are concerned, the available speed ranges up to 5 Mbps, which means that the streaming and downloading speeds are exemplary.

So, when we talk about mobile hotspot, there was a time when it wasn’t allowed, but they have changed that. This is because mobile hotspot has become integral because people are always working, even on the go where Wi-Fi might not be available. As far as the coverage is concerned, it is pretty well-designed and integrated enough to cover most parts of the country.

Now, comes the most important point through which the customers and users can get help from the customer services support and get their issues cleared. The best thing about customer care support is that they are pretty efficient, and one hardly has to wait to get answers to their questions. While we are discussing Total Wireless, we would like to address the website as well.

So, without any doubt, the Total Wireless website is one of the best in the market because the company has focused more on navigation and providing help, instead of covering the fancy features. Also, there are rewards programs through which users can earn free add-ons and beneficial services for free. There are games as well, which ease earning the points for gaining rewards.

The Bottom Line

When we are talking about the network providing services, all of them differ in terms of payment plans, coverage, quality, and performance. In the end, it all depends on user preferences and needs. But if we were to make a choice, we would choose Total Wireless because they might be a bit expensive, but there are no limitations regarding video streaming.

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