3 Best TiVo Wireless N Adapter Alternatives

tivo wireless n adapter alternatives
tivo wireless n adapter alternatives

Having a stable and fast connection can help you out staying comfortable while you watch your favorite shows. Alternatively, when you are browsing online or playing games. There are lots of things that you can do on these connections but there are also some limitations.

One of these is that some modems can only be connected through an ethernet connection. Due to this, you are unable to connect your mobile phones and other similar devices to the internet because they don’t have an ethernet port.

Additionally, the wires can also look untidy. Although the TiVo modem box has come up with an adapter that you can use. This allows its users to connect wirelessly after connecting the adapter on their device. But you should note that this can sometimes become faulty and might require a replacement. Considering this, here are some alternatives for the TiVo wireless N adapter.

TiVo Wireless N Adapter Alternatives

  1. Use MoCA Network

The TiVo modems give their users a total of three options to connect to their internet. One of these is the MoCA network. This allows users to connect devices to their modem through the coaxial wires in your home.

These are the cables used to transfer data and information to your television. If you have these wires installed in your home then you can use them and connect your modem with them. Use the other end of wires to connect them with your home Wi-Fi system.

You can then enjoy your connection all over your house without any problem. Another great thing about this connection is that the speeds provided by it are shared among devices. This means if you decide to attach additional devices.

Then all of their bandwidth will be equal instead of only one of them draining all of the connection speed. The only downside of these is that you can only transfer a maximum of 1 Gbps on your network. Although, this is more than enough for most people that only use their connections for home-usage.

  1. Ethernet Cable

Just like the previous step, another option that TiVo gives their users is using an ethernet connection. You can easily connect your modem to the home Wi-Fi system using an ethernet cable. Although, the big downside of using it is that it will look extremely untidy.

But if you don’t have a coaxial connection installed in your home then it is better that you go for ethernet. Furthermore, the speeds provided through these cables have no limitations on them.

This means that no matter how fast your connection is, the cables will easily transfer the data between your devices. Another thing to keep in mind is that setting up an ethernet connection can be a little tricky. You can check online for a guide, but if you are still having trouble then you should contact your ISP. They should be able to send in a person from their team to set up the connection for you.

  1. Purchase A Router

Some people want their setup to look extremely clean and free of wires. Alternatively, you might want a better Wi-Fi range in your house. Both of these issues can be resolved by using a router. You can easily purchase one online or from an electronic store nearby you.

While selecting one, make sure that you read the specifications on it. These devices have a range of features that depend on the model that you select. If you are confused about them then you can check online to find which routers are best according to your budget.

Finally, after getting a router you can set it up with your TiVo box by following the manual provided with it. After the setup process is done, you can then start to enjoy using its wireless features. Connect your home Wi-Fi system with it as well to fix your problem.

Aside from this, it is important that you set up a password on your router. Most files on it can be configured according to your preferences from its settings. The default login credentials are set to ‘admin’ for most routers. This is the same for both username and password, and all the letters are case sensitive.

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