TiVo Mini vs TiVo Mini Vox: What’s The Difference?

tivo mini vs tivo mini vox
tivo mini vs tivo mini vox

TiVo has a wide range of DVRs and streaming devices for everyone who likes to access live channels and record the programs. For this reason, TiVo has been launching various devices to meet the different needs of the users.

That being said, we are sharing TiVo Mini vs. TiVo Mini VOX comparison in this article. So, let’s have a look at the details!

TiVo Mini vs TiVo Mini Vox

TiVo Mini

One might believe that TiVo Mini is the small DVR, but it’s more than that. The TiVo Mini is designed to offer a wholesome viewing experience. It tends to join DVR with TiVo Stream. It is designed to stream the recorded content. In particular, it’s designed to record content on iOS devices. The TiVo Mini can be integrated with the TV for delivering the multi-room setup in an easier and economical manner.

Once connected to the home network and TV, the users will be able to access the live TV, on-demand services, and recorded TV. However, the on-demand services work better for Cox and Comcast. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that TiVo Mini is designed to offer the DVR features without you needing to invest in the DVR or pay the additional costs.

TiVo Mini is integrated with the Tru Multi-Room feature, which allows the users to gain full experience on the TV equipment. It can be used for setting up OnePass. With TiVo Mini, the users can have full-time access to the streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, VUDU, iHeartRadio, and Spotify. Even more, it can be used with Pandora and YouTube.

TiVo Mini can be connected to the TiVo DVR through the MoCA and ethernet connection. Truth be told, we would like it better if TiVo Mini could work with the Wi-Fi connection. As far as compatibility is concerned, it works with TiVo BOLT, Roamio, Premiere XL4/Elite, and Premier 4. On top of everything, setting up TiVo Mini is incredibly easy, and you won’t need to call the cable provider.

For setting up TiVo Mini, you need three connections, such as audio/video, network, and power. For audio/video, an HDMI cable is used, while a small wart on wall can be used for handling power. The network connectivity can be ensured through a MoCA connection or ethernet connection. The experts suggest using MoCA connection because it delivers better performance.

TiVo Mini is controlled through the peanut remote, which comes with the remote. It also has a USB port for adding connecting the IR extender or Bluetooth remote. The bottom side has mounting holes, which makes it easy to attach to the wall. In simpler words, TiVo Mini is a fine way of extending the DVR connections to different rooms.

However, when you use TiVo Mini, you need to use the dedicated tuner for live streaming. All in all, TiVo Mini is a lightweight and easy-to-use device.

TiVo Mini VOX

Sure, you have the DVR, but it can only be used in one place, right? For this purpose, the users can opt for TiVo Mini VOX. This is the perfect companion for the TiVo box with convenient services. TiVo Mini VOX is designed with voice control and Tru Multi-Room features for a TiVo-like experience in every room. Even more, the users will be able to enjoy the streaming platforms in every room.

TiVo Mini VOX can be connected to four or six tuners through a wired connection. Sorry to disappoint you, but TiVo Mini VOX doesn’t work with the Wi-Fi connection. With this device, the users can watch the recorded shows and live TV from the DVR on whichever TV they want. In addition, it can be used for streaming the 4K and Ultra-HD content.

In case you are a music junkie, the users will be able to stream music through iHeartRadio and Pandora. As far as the recordings and live TV are concerned, the users can pause, rewind, and fast-forward everything. Even more, the users can schedule the recordings, use WishList searches, and record the Season Pass.

On the other hand, there is no hard drive or built-in tuner in TiVo Mini VOX, but you will need to use the dedicated tuner. We have already mentioned that it cannot support Wi-Fi, and it doesn’t work with the TiVo smartphone app either. As far as the internet connection is concerned, there is an ethernet port as it demands a wired connection. Lastly, the USB port is available for services.

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