TiVo MoCA vs Ethernet: Which One Is Better?

tivo moca vs ethernet
tivo moca vs ethernet

The internet provides its users with tons of benefits. These allow you to purchase items online, view movies and shows of your liking. You can even search and understand stuff you don’t have information on. More useful features are that it even allows people to contact each other through video calls and text messages. The list for these services goes on and on.

Although, one thing to note is that having a slow or unstable connection can annoy you. This problem usually comes from the router. But fortunately, companies have now been working on newer devices that can help their users enjoy the internet on their devices without any problems. These devices also come with features of their own that can help you out.

TiVo MoCA vs Ethernet

Aside from this, recently TiVo has come up with an amazing device. This lets people connect to the internet through 3 different options. These include wireless, ethernet, and MoCA. Although, there has been a huge debate on whether MoCA is better or ethernet. This is because both of these are wired connections. If you are also confused between these two then this article should help you decide which one you should go for.


Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance or also commonly known as MoCA requires their users to insert the TV cable wiring that is already in their homes into the device. This will then allow the device to transmit data from these cables and help you establish a connection.

If you decide to put multiple routers in your home using coaxial cables then all the bandwidth between them will be shared. This connection type is stable and you don’t even have to worry about the bandwidth being sucked from only one device. Aside from this, you can use the same devices on this network as an ethernet connection.

These include connecting computers, smartphones, gaming consoles and you can even stream movies in HD or 4K. While this might be good, the best thing about using a MoCA connection is that it uses wiring that is already present in most houses. Having to set up new internet wiring can be a lot of hassle. This is why most people just connect their devices using external wiring which can sometimes look untidy.

Additionally, this is extremely simple to set up and users don’t have to go through any technical stuff. Lastly, the connection is completely secured and users don’t have to think about their data being breached by third-party applications.

TiVo Ethernet

An ethernet connection requires users to connect their router through a separate wire known as an ethernet cable. The data shared between these cables is separate on each device. This means that none of your connections will share bandwidth between each other. The best thing about ethernet cables is that there is no limitation to speed on them.

If your ISP provides a speed of more than 1 Gbps then you can easily utilize it on your device through these wires. Although. Keep in mind that your router should also support these speeds. On the other hand, MoCA cannot go above this 1 Gbps threshold.

Aside from this, because ethernet uses direct connections, there is no interference in its signals. This allows their users to enjoy a completely stable connection without any drops or fluctuations in speed.  This can help you out in streaming shows or playing games without any buffering or lag.

The one big downside of having an ethernet connection is that it is really hard to setup. Although, most ISP provide their users with professional help on setting these up. If you still have any problems regarding it then you can even ask a person from the customer service to come help configure the settings for you. This shows that both connection types have their benefits and shortcomings.

Although, in the end, it depends on the user which one they should go for. Taking a look at all the information given above and thinking about your usage should help you in deciding between these two. Another great way to check which one is better is by trying out both of these. This way you will understand whether an ethernet connection or MoCA is better for you.

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