4 Ways To Fix TiVo Mini Freezes Issue

tivo mini freezes
tivo mini freezes

TiVo Mini is the ultimate device for people who want multi-room DVRs with multiple add-ons. With TiVo Mini, the users can access live TV, access web entertainment platforms, and record the shows. However, from time to time, people complain about TiVo Mini freezes. There is nothing to worry about this issue as we have all the troubleshooting methods that you need!

TiVo Mini Freezes

1) Remote

First of all, there are chances that TiVo Mini isn’t freezing at all but the remote isn’t working, so the DVR is stuck to one screen. In simpler words, the DVR might not be responding to remote’s commands. TiVo Mini comes with remote control and it must work to control the DVR. That being said, you have to check the batteries.

This is because with time, TiVo Mini remote control’s batteries can wear out and you can simply install new batteries to ensure the remote keeps working. The users have to understand the fact that batteries must be working properly for the remote control to work. For this reason, you must buy new batteries and install them on the remote control to ensure it starts working properly.

In addition to the batteries, the remote control’s internal components might be fused or blown out. So, you can also replace the remote control and see if that makes your DVR respond to the commands.

2) Reboot

If the remote is fine but TiVo Mini is still freezing, you can reboot the TiVo Mini to optimize the settings. For the reboot, you must unplug the network adapter, ethernet cable, and all other cables from TiVo Mini, and don’t forget to disconnect the power cable. When all the cables are removed, you can wait for fifteen seconds and connect all the cables again.

As a result, the TiVo Mini will switch on and wait for a few minutes to ensure it reboots properly. When the device properly switches on, you can reconnect the ethernet cable and network adapter.

3) Program Source

In some cases, the program source can be frozen which results in freezing the screen. If this is the case, unplug the device for a few seconds and switch it on again. If TiVo Mini is still frozen, you should connect the box to the TV and if the images are still frozen, you must call the satellite provider or cable provider. This is because the program source can be fixed by them pretty easily.

If the channel or program isn’t working, you can also wait till the program starts working again. So, just wait or call the service provider and they will help you out with this problem.

4) Power Strip

Whether you believe it or not, connecting the TiVo Mini to the power strip can impact the performance and the frozen issue is one of them. That being said, if you have the power strip, disconnect TiVo Mini from it and plug it directly into the wall socket. However, if it’s still frozen, simply call TiVo customer support and they shall provide assistance.

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