6 Ways To Fix TiVo Mini Can’t Find DVR

tivo mini cannot find dvr
tivo mini cannot find dvr

TiVo Mini is widely used with four-tune TiVo DVRs for streamlining the streaming and recordings. The TiVo Mini needs to connect with the DVR to ensure proper performance. However, if you have TiVo Mini cannot find the DVR issue, the connectivity will be impaired. For fixing this issue, follow the troubleshooting methods from this article!

How to Fix TiVo Mini Can’t Find DVR?

1. Reboot

If you are using the TiVo Mini and struggling with DVR visibility issues, we suggest that you reboot TiVo Mini. For this purpose, open the central screen on TiVo Mini and choose the “settings and messages” option. Then, move to the help tab, and hit the restart button. It will restart/reboot TiVo Mini, and it will start finding DVR again.

2. Video Transfer Settings

If you want the DVR to appear on the TiVo Mini, you will need to ensure that video transfer settings are enabled on the DVR. If these settings are disabled, TiVo Mini will not be able to find a DVR. For this purpose, log into the account and hit the DVR preferences. The DVR preferences can be accessed from the left bar. It doesn’t matter how many DVRs you are using, enable all the video transfers, and the issue will be resolved.

3. Network Issues

In some cases, the network issues on the DVR might be the reason why TiVo Mini is unable to find the DVR. For this purpose, it’s suggested that you reboot the internet modem or device to streamline the internet signals. Consequently, it will fix the internet signals and network issues. Once the network issues are resolved on DVR, TiVo Mini will start finding DVR normally.

4. Network Connection

In case there are no network issues with DVR, there are chances of incorrect network connectivity. With this being said, the users need to ensure that both DVR and TiVo Mini are connected to a similar network connection. This is because the DVR and TiVo Mini are designed to work together over the same network. So, connect both devices to a similar network, and the issue will be fixed.

5. MoCA

If the TiVo Mini is unable to find DVR, it’s likely that you are using the incorrect network connectivity. Truth be told, it can be used with wireless connections and wireless internet adapters, but MoCA is recommended for better functionality. In addition to adding the MoCA filters, you can also opt for the ethernet connection because it delivers proper functionality and performance.

6. Cable Connections

Effective cable connections are essential for connecting TiVo Mini and DVR. That being said, if the TiVo Mini isn’t properly plugged in, the users will need to plug them up. It’s best to check the back of the device and make sure the cables are securely connected. In addition, the cables must be connected tightly. Once you sort the cable connectivity, TiVo Mini will work fine and will find a DVR.

In the end, TiVo Mini will be able to find a DVR. However, if the issue is still there, it’s best that you call TiVo customer support and tell them about this issue. This is because there might be some hardware or software issue that only they can fix!

2 thoughts on “6 Ways To Fix TiVo Mini Can’t Find DVR”

  1. My mini loses connection with the DVR daily, multiple times. I’ve tried everything and it continues to happen. TIVO even replaced my mini and it still loses connection with the DVR. TIVO offers no other help. I’ve had TIVO for 21 years. I even tried another cable modem. Looking for other options. ?

  2. I had a similar issue and it turned out to be a bad MOCA connection. After getting a new modem/router from Xfinity the problem was fixed. I did have to turn on the MOCA setting myself within the modem/router software after it was installed.

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