TiVo Lights Of Death: 6 Ways To Fix

tivo lights of death
tivo lights of death

TiVo is a widely used brand by people who need streaming devices and DVRs for recording the desired content. We have established that TiVo has DVRs and players and have the lights on top.

That being said, some people complain about TiVo lights of death. With this article, we are sharing how this lighting issue can be fixed!

TiVo Lights Of Death

1) Connection Issues

In the majority of cases, the lights of death is caused by connection issues. In particular, we are talking about the internet connection because TiVo depends on the internet for working properly. That being said, you need to check the internet connection and make sure the internet connection is active and stable.

2) Reboot

We suggest that you reboot the internet modem or router. This is because rebooting the router and modem will refresh the internet signals, and the TiVo device receives a high-speed internet connection. For rebooting the modem or router, cut the connection by taking out the cables. Once the cables are out, wait for a few minutes and let the modem establish the connection.

3) Cables

If rebooting the modem or router didn’t work, you could check the internet cables. We are suggesting this because some people use ethernet connections for TiVo devices. So, if the ethernet cable isn’t working, it will lead to light issues because of connectivity. For this reason, fix the ethernet cables and make sure it’s secured in properly.

4) Call The Customer Support

All in all, these troubleshooting methods are highly likely to fix the connection issues. On the contrary, if the connectivity issues are still there, call your internet service provider. The internet service provider will check the internet network. In case ISP doesn’t resolve your issue, you could call TiVo customer support because they can troubleshoot the TiVo network!

5) Software

TiVo uses the software configurations in their devices for proper operations and functionality. That being said, if the lights of death is appearing on the TiVo device, it’s likely that you have installed the beta version of the software. This is because the beta version tends to have minor issues and bugs that can result in light issues.

For this purpose, you will need to remove the beta version of the software from the device. If you don’t know how to delete the beta software, just call TiVo customer support, so they can provide assistance. In addition, always ensure that the software updates are regularly updated because it streamlines the performance and functionality.

6) Hard Drive

In case you are still struggling with lights of death on TiVo, you will need to replace the hard drive. It’s better that you opt for the ready-to-install and pre-programmed hard drive for the TiVo device model. For this purpose, you will need to check the TiVo device’s model. Once you are clear on the model, buy the hard drive and replace it.

However, whenever you have to buy the replacement hard drive, always buy from a reliable brand because you might need customer support later. You could also call TiVo customer support to ask the right vendor for the hard drive!

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