Device Access Code Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

device access code not working
device access code not working

The demand for a streamlined internet connection is important for everyone these days. Similarly, the device access code not working is a common issue that hinders connectivity.

This issue usually occurs with the modems and routers. So, let’s check out the solutions for getting rid of the error!

Device Access Code Not Working

1) Reboot

Whenever the error occurs while using the modem or router, you would try rebooting the modem or router. The device access code not working might be the result of configuration issues. If the configuration issue is minor, you will be able to fix it by rebooting the modem or router. If you don’t know how to reboot the modem or router, let us walk you through the steps!

First of all, you must take out the power cables to disconnect the router or modem from the power. It is better to take out the power cable from the main power outlet. Once the power cable is out, wait for ten to fifteen minutes, so it can switch off completely. When the modem or router switches off completely, plug in the power cable again, and it’s likely that the access code issue will be fixed!

2) Reset

Usually, the reboot resolves the majority of issues involved with the devices, inclusive of the device access code issue. However, it can be resolved by resetting the modem or router. The factory reset is a common troubleshooting method, but it will delete all the settings, correct or incorrect. That being said, if the issue still persists, let’s reset the modem or router.

For resetting, check the reset button and look for it on the modem or router. Generally, the reset button is available at the back, but it’s best to look for it. All in all, when you find the reset button, press it for around ten seconds, and the modem/router will be reset. Once the reset is complete, the device access code not working will be fixed!

3) Change Access Code

In some cases, you will have no choice but to change the access code if the device access code not working error is still appearing. For changing the access code, you will need to login into the router by searching for This will open the login page where you can enter the login details. If you haven’t changed the login credentials, log in by using the default credentials.

If you don’t know the default credential, use admin in the field of username and password. Once you are logged into the modem/router, simply change the access code. The access code information can be accessed through the internet service provider. Once you enter the new access code, save the settings, and we are sure the error will go away.

4) Call Service Provider

The internet service providers can resolve the issues if you are having a hard time fixing the access code issue. This is because the service providers can monitor the network and help resolve the issue. Last but not least, they might even change the access codes from their end. All in all, they provide better assistance!

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