3 Ways To Fix The TiVo Box Is Unable To Tune To The Channel

the tivo box is unable to tune to the channel
the tivo box is unable to tune to the channel

Technology has come a long way. People used to wait for their favorite shows to appear on the cable so that they could watch. But now all of these shows can be watched at any given time through the video-on-demand feature.

Apart from this, users can also use several other features on newer devices. These can even allow you to record shows on your storage devices.

Which can then be viewed whenever you want. Many companies manufacture these cable boxes. Although, one of the best ones around is TiVo. People using the TiVo Box might sometimes be unable to tune to the channel.

If that issue is on your device as well, then you should follow these steps to help you troubleshoot.

How To Fix The TiVo Box Is Unable To Tune To The Channel?

  1. Reset Tuning Adapter

Tuning adapters are devices used to tune the channels for your cable box. If you are having troubles while trying to tune a channel then the issue is most likely with your adapter. Most of these can be fixed by simply resetting your adapter.

Start by, unplugging your adapter from the cable box by removing the USB cable connected. Now turn off the adapter and wait for some time. After a few minutes, start up your adapter but don’t connect the USB wire yet.

Wait for the lights on your adapter to become stable. This indicates that the device has completely booted up. You can proceed to connect your devices and the channels should be able to tune without giving any error messages. The reset process clears up the memory on your adapter. This will also clear up any files that were preventing you to tune the channels.

  1. Check Cables

The TiVo box has several ports that are used for different purposes. Considering this, you might be trying to connect your adapter to the wrong port. To confirm if that is not the case. Remove your cables and then put them in carefully.

Also, make sure that these are tightly connected and not lose. If you feel like these are loose then you should find a spare cable and use it instead. This should help your adapter in connecting with the box. Additionally, you should now be able to run up your channels without getting any problems.

  1. Contact Customer Support

If the problem persists then it is recommended that you contact the support team for TiVo. The tune-up problems have been recognized by the company and happen due to a certain error in the configuration files.

This can make it hard for users to find the exact file that might be preventing the connection of their devices. Although, the company should be able to easily get rid of it. Tell them about the error message in detail and they will send in someone from their support team.

One thing to keep in mind is that you do not leave out important details. The company should then be able to help you in getting rid of this as soon as possible.

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