TiVo Stream Setup Did Not Complete Successfully: 4 Fixes

tivo stream setup did not complete successfully
tivo stream setup did not complete successfully

TiVo is the platform for people who need DVRs and streaming players for a premium experience. Similarly, TiVo Stream setup did not complete successfully is a common issue, and can hinder the streaming performance.

However, you don’t need to worry because we have the troubleshooting methods in this article!

TiVo Stream Setup Did Not Complete Successfully

1) Wi-Fi Connection

To begin with, this error might be appearing because of the weak internet connection. This is because the TiVo stream needs a stable and active internet connection to work properly and for completing the setup. For this reason, it’s best to check the Wi-Fi connection and ensure there are no interruptions in the connection.

If you don’t know how to check the internet signal strength, open the settings on your TV and open the network and internet tab. Then, tap on the network name (that the TiVo stream is connected to), and hit the signal strength option. Keep in mind that the signal strength must be excellent for TiVo Stream to set up completely.

In case you are unable to check the signal strength on your own, it’s best to call the internet service provider and let them check the internet speed. Also, you can always use the online internet speed tests for assessing the internet speed. All in all, you need to ensure a high-speed internet connection for the setup to complete.

2) App Version

TiVo Stream is an app that runs on Android TV. The app allows the users to access every TV show, movie, and content as they want. However, you will need to check the app version for this reason. This is because if the app isn’t updated, it will lead to multiple errors. In this case, you have to check the app version, and use the TV for it.

For checking the app version, open the Apps on the Android TV, and hit on “get more apps.” Then, press the “My Apps” buttons and hit the app button. Once you press the app button, it will show if the updates are available. In case the app updates are available, just download the app update and initiate the setup process.

3) System Updates

One might believe that only the app is at fault all the time. However, in some cases, the system update issues will result in such setup errors as well. That being said, open the settings on Android TV, and hit the device preferences buttons. Then, press the about button and select the system update option. In case the system update is available, install it on the TV, and try setting up the TiVo Stream again.

4) Reboot

In the majority of cases, the reboot can solve the majority of configuration issues. This is because the minor configuration issues will result in the setup issues, and TiVo Stream might not be working for the same reason.

So, it’s best to restart the Android TV by taking out the power cord. Once you take out the power cord, wait for five minutes before switching on the TV. Once the TV switches on, set up TiVo Stream again, and you won’t have any issues!

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