Delete Multiple Recordings With TiVo: Is It Possible?

tivo delete multiple recordings
tivo delete multiple recordings

TiVo DVRs have become popular over the course of time. This is because the DVRs are designed with high-end functionality and are durable. People often use TiVo DVRs for recording multiple TV shows and movies. However, people are also considering the TiVo delete multiple recordings option. So, let’s see if this is possible!

Delete Multiple Recordings With TiVo

If you are using the Tablo user interface with the TiVo DVR and want to delete multiple recordings, keep in mind that it’s not possible. We would say that you shouldn’t even bother deleting multiple recordings. In the near future, the user interface is highly likely to be improved, so you might be able to delete multiple recordings in the future (just not now!).

On the other hand, if you still want to delete multiple recordings, you could try formatting the drive. However, it’s only suitable if you are using the Tablo. That being said, just format the drive, and it will delete all the recordings (not only selected recordings). So, formatting the drive will give a clean slate with deletion of all recordings.

Delete The Folder

If you are trying to delete multiple recordings in one folder, you can try clearing up the entire folder. This is because the users have the capacity to delete the entire folder (again, not the selected recordings). That being said, if you need to delete the entire folder on TiVo, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • In the first place, select the folder from the recorded show list
  • Once the folder is selected from the My Shows folder, you need to press the clear button

The clear button is available on the remote, and you can press it after selecting the folder. As a result, the folder will be deleted. This is only suggested if you need to delete all recordings in the folder. All in all, deleting one program at a time is pretty easy. This is because you can simply select the program and hit the clear button on the remote.

While you are deleting the folder or one program at a time, you need to be careful. This is because TiVo doesn’t show the confirm box. In simpler words, when you press the clear button, the folder or program will be deleted, and it won’t ask for confirmation (yes, straightaway deletion).

Deleting OnePass

OnePass is actually the search type that is designed to collect the available episodes of the show. OnePass can add the TV shows from other streaming platforms. People often use it with TiVo. That being said, if you want to delete multiple recordings, OnePass is an important point to consider because it has the episodes and recordings. For deleting recordings or episodes from OnePass, you will need to delete OnePass. In this section, we are sharing the steps that you need to follow;

  • Open the TiVo Central and go to the “manage recordings & OnePass.”
  • Then, open the OnePass Manager and choose OnePass that you need to delete.
  • Once OnePass is selected, hit the delete button.

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