3 Ways To Fix TiVo Roamio Fan Noise Issue

tivo roamio fan noise
tivo roamio fan noise

TiVo DVRs have become a go-to device for everyone who loves to record shows. TiVo has designed Roamio, which is a high-end DVR with an intuitive and excellent interface. On the other hand, some people are complaining about the TiVo Roamio fan noise issue. So, let’s check the troubleshooting methods for fixing this issue!

TiVo Roamio Fan Noise

1) Heat

The fan in TiVo Roamio is responsible for functioning the DVR and for keeping the DVR cool. However, when the DVR is too heated, the fan will work excessively, which is likely to be the reason behind the excessive noise.

For this purpose, it’s better that you switch off Roamio and let it cool down. Also, it’s best to place TiVo Roamio in an open area with proper air circulation. The air circulation will keep Roamio working fine (not excessively), and it will streamline the noise issue.

2) Reboot

You can always try rebooting TiVo Roamio whenever the fan starts creating too much noise. This is because the reboot will solve the minor issues or postpone the issue for some time. That being said, you need to disconnect TiVo Roamio from the power source and let it be switched off for five minutes. After these five minutes, switch on the Roamio, and we are pretty sure the fan noise will stop.

3) Out Of Order

If the TiVo Roamio’s fan is still making noise, you need to consider that the fan might be out of order. For this purpose, you will need to fix the fan. You can obviously take DVR Roamio to the technician to get the fan fixed. You can also call TiVo customer support and ask for a replacement if the DVR is in warranty.

On the other hand, if you cannot contact customer support or the technician, you can always change the fan on your own. In this section, we are sharing how you can take out the fan from TiVo Roamio and add a new one. So, let’s check the details;

  • First of all, disconnect TiVo Roamio from power and put it where you need to work
  • Take the Torx T10 for taking out the screws from TiVo’s back
  • Then, slide the cover from TiVo Roamio and lift it up
  • Now, use Torx T15 for removing the screws from Roamio’s fan
  • Then, remove the fan from the motherboard (the red and black cables)
  • Once the cables are unplugged, take out the faulty fan and add the new one
  • Then, plug in the wire into the motherboard’s connector
  • Now, replace the screws that are usually designed with the fan and use the self-tapping ones
  • Once the screws and wires are in place, slide on the cover on the TiVo DVR
  • At last, use the new T10 screws for screwing everything in place

All in all, when you replace the fan, we are pretty sure that you won’t struggle with the noisiness. That being said, if you cannot replace the fan on your own, you can ask the technician to fix the fan. Did you get to fix the fan noise issue, then?

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