TiVo Bolt All Lights Flashing: 5 Ways To Fix

tivo bolt all lights flashing
tivo bolt all lights flashing

TiVo Bolt is a well-known DVR among users who love to record TV shows and movies and want to access Live TV. TiVo Bolt is an electronic device and has various LED lights on it that represent different features. However, the users complain about TiVo Bolt all lights flashing. So, if the lights are flashing on your TiVo Bolt as well, you can read the article below as we have all the troubleshooting methods that you need!

TiVo Bolt All Lights Flashing

1) Hard Disk

To begin with, when all the lights start flashing on TiVo Bolt, it is the indication of hard disk failure. It could be anything, such as a hard disk not connecting to the DVR or response issues. As far as the solution is concerned, you have to replace the hard disk and buy a new hard disk. The hard disk must be bought from a reliable brand to ensure the performance is optimized. Moreover, you should always buy a compatible hard disk (check the compatibility section of the hard disk description before buying it).

2) Power Plugs

Before you make an investment in a new hard disk (the hard disks can be extremely expensive), you should try checking all the power plugs. This is because the hard disk might not be connected because the power plugs are loose. That being said, be it the router or modem, they must be plugged in and all the indicator lights should be switched on. If the power plugs are already connected but the lights are still flashing, jump over to the next step!

3) Cables

When the power plugs are doing fine, just check out the cables. This is because it is important to verify that the ethernet cable is tightly plugged in between the router and modem. Moreover, all the connections associated with TiVo Bolt should be plugged in securely. Even if you’ve connected the wireless adapters or other equipment, check their cable connections.

4) Reboot

Yes, a reboot can fix everything (or a majority of issues). The users have to reboot the router and modem to see if the hard disk failure is fixed. We are saying this because if there are configuration issues with the hard disk and TiVo Bolt, they can be fixed with a reboot. The reboot is all about plugging out the power connections from the devices, waiting for five minutes, and plugging them in again. When the devices switch on after the reboot, give them a minute to establish a connection.

5) Wireless Adapter

Not everyone connects the wireless adapter to their TiVo Bolt device, but if you’ve connected the wireless adapter, you must check the signal strength to fix the flashing lights. In case the signal strength is less than 80%, you must reduce the distance between TiVo Bolt and the wireless adapter and a better connection will be established.

Moreover, if any of the connected devices have an antenna, ensure that they are fully extended because it enhances the signal strength. Not to forget, removing the extra wireless devices from the system can also improve the connection. So, just play with the equipment and try to improve the connection to get rid of flashing lights.

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