The Configuration For Your iPad Could Not Be Downloaded: 4 Fixes

the configuration for your ipad could not be downloaded
the configuration for your ipad could not be downloaded

iPad users absolutely love their devices because they have access to advanced features and ease of use. The majority of people are using iPads for remote working but there are certain errors that restrict the functionality.

For instance, “the configuration for your iPad could not be downloaded” is a common error but it can be fixed by following the solutions mentioned in the article below!

The Configuration For Your iPad Could Not Be Downloaded

1) Device Support

When we are talking about Apple devices and iPad, Apple launches the policies and/or configurations regularly. Recently, Apple launched the service degradation alert notifying that some devices might not get the configurations and policies.

In this case, you need to call Apple customer support and ask them if your device is supported for the policies and configurations. In case your device wasn’t allowed, they might even share some troubleshooting methods for you!

2) Push Certificates

If you have the error popping up on the iPad device, there are chances that the push certificate of your Apple device is not up-to-date. The issue can be fixed by renewing or updating the push certificate. In case you don’t know how to renew or update the push certificates, we are sharing the instructions with you, such as;

  • The first step is to sign in to the administrator account of Google and go to devices from the home page
  • On the left side, open the iOS settings and tap on certificates (you will be able to see the expiration date, Apple ID, and unique identifier
  • Then, tap on “renew certificate” and click on “get CSR” and save the .csr file. After this, download this file once

The above-mentioned steps are for requesting the push certificate renewal. For getting the renewed push certification, follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Open the Push certificates portal of Apple and log in to the said portal with your iCloud account (use the username/email and password that you used for creating the certificate)
  • Look for the push certificate option and press the renew button and accept the usage term
  • Now, click on “choose file” and open the .csr file that you had downloaded
  • The next step is to submit the requested file for which you have to press the upload button (you will see various information metrics, such as expiration date, domain, and service type)
  • Now, press the download button and save the .pem file and download this file
  • Then, open the console (the admin one, in particular) again

Now that you have gotten the push certificate update, you can upload the certificate by following the steps that we have mentioned below;

  • Tap on upload certificate and choose the .pem file that you had downloaded
  • Press the save button and continue

As a result, the system will verify the renewed push certificate and upload it. In case you have issues in uploading the push certificate renewal, you need to submit this certificate that matches the UIP of the current certificate. We understand that this process of renewal can be long but it is suitable for fixing the error.

3) Device Software

When it comes down to the inability of the iPad to download the configuration, you will need to download the software update of your iPad and you will be able to fix the issue. To look for a software update of your iPad, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below;

  • First of all, connect your iPad to the power connection and make sure the iPad is connected to the internet connection
  • Then, open the General tab from the settings and scroll down to software update
  • If the software update is available, there will be a “download and install” button and you need to tap on it
  • As a result, the software update will begin installing and it will be installed
  • You might be asked to enter the iPad passcode, so just enter the passcode and the software will be updated

4) DEP Setup

In some cases, this error pop-up occurs if there are issues with DEP. If you suspecting DEP to be the issue, you need to pull the iPad in the DEP screen and remove the profile. Then, you need to assign the profile settings to the iPad and reset the iPad. When the iPad switches on after reset, we are certain that there won’t be an error anymore.

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