10 Steps To Avoid Slow Internet On LG Smart TV

LG smart tv slow internet
LG smart tv slow internet

Have you also faced problems while you’re streaming your favorite shows or movies on your LG Smart TV? Yes, the struggle is unreal especially when your internet is continuously dropping signals every next moment. It spoils the mood and takes away the thrill of watching the movie that you were so desperately waiting for. The playback buttons keep on pausing every now and then and your movie keeps buffering. All because of your slow Internet connection.

We have prepared for you a guide that will help you get better internet speeds for streaming your favorite shows online on your Smart LG TV. Here’s what you should know about your LG Smart TV slow Internet issues.

Steps To Avoid Slow Internet On LG Smart TV

1. Reasons For Buffering

The most common reason because of which you suffer buffering during streaming your favorite shows is slow speed internet. Your internet speed plays a very important role in providing you a better streaming experience on your Smart LG TV and slow speed internet may cause buffering.

2. Interrupted Internet Connection

Your internet connection often gets interrupted during its way to your device. There are several physical barriers that cause these interruptions including your household furniture walls and other electrical appliances. These interrupt your connection and slows down your internet.

3. Heavy Network Traffic

Another important reason that causes your internet speed to slow down is heavy Network traffic. All your neighbors might be using the same channel to access the internet as you are which causes huge Network traffic on your internet channel. This causes the buffering of your TV programs on your smart LG TV.

4. Router Issues

It is also possible that the router which you are using to access internet services might be compromised which causes your internet to slow down. Or it might have some other connection issues or configuration problems. Either way, you will face buffering well screaming your shoes on smart LG TV.

5. Device Version

If you’re facing speed issues with your internet while streaming videos on your smart LG TV, there might be some problem with your device. It could be a configuration issue or your device might be old enough that it cannot handle your high-speed internet.

6. Troubleshooting Buffering Issues

The amount of data that is downloaded ahead of the video to ensure that the playback doesn’t stop whilst streaming is called Buffer Data. During online streaming, this buffer data loads in the background on your Smart LG TV to prevent buffering. This requires fast speed internet to download ahead of time on your TV.

7. Avoid Peak Connection Period

You can avoid peak connection periods when there’s huge network traffic on the internet that you’re using. You can stream your shows at some specific time of the day like late after midnight or early in the morning when there are low chances of facing network load.

8. Close Proximity

If your smart LG TV and your home Wi-Fi router devices are in two separate rooms, this might cause connection interference. So, place both of your devices in close proximity to get better and faster access to internet services. By reducing the distance between devices, the chances of your internet to suffer slow speeds also reduce.

9. Updated Devices

Always use the latest version of the device if you want the best internet speeds. Your streaming experience will be affected by as much as 20 – 30% if you’re using an older outdated version of the device. Both the router as well as your Smart LG TV should be upgraded from time to time.

10. Ensure Better Connection

You can use a wired connection to ensure establishing a better fast speed internet connection between your Wi-Fi router and your Smart LG TV. A wired connection is considered better than the wireless one because it transfers signals faster through a conducting wire. Moreover, there are fewer chances of facing any interruptions or interference.


We hope that you will be able to solve all your LG Smart TV Internet Slow speed issues by following the above mentioned simple instructions. Buffering and slow speed internet connection are two really irritating problems but they are not impossible to get rid of. Feel free to drop any questions regarding your internet connection or your Smart LG TV.

12 thoughts on “10 Steps To Avoid Slow Internet On LG Smart TV”

  1. Too many people with the same connection problem, coincidence?, i don’t think so, that is not down to internet speed or capability of the internet speed, the issue is obviously the LG tv itself, if the company would stop using internet speed as an excuse then the issue could be delt with, start using equipment that works and stop blaming the internet speed in everyone’s houses!.

  2. I have
    -1G speed.
    -The TV is connected by Ethernet cable.
    -All drivers are up to date
    – TV Firmware is up to date
    My TV will not play any video at all via the internet when using the TV web browser and it is insanely slow when I use an HDMI cable from my computer to TV. Buffers every 3 -5 seconds.

    Fix the TV !

  3. Under the LG product recall (possible overheating) I have just had my power board replaced on my LG OLED 65B7V.

    Since this power board change over I am now experiencing very slow buffering problems when I am directly streaming my regular sites?

    My LG is hard wired to the router, the network speed is fine.

    Could it be this replacement power board is now causing this lag?

    I had no issues at all before this power board replacement??

  4. To everyone having issues with LG TV, there is a solution. On your apps menu, go to Screen Share and turn it off using the button on the upper right of the screen. You will see that your connection will get faster. You will thank me.

  5. Lg tv is buffering all the time and the speed and good and the router is in the same room. The other room has a skyworth tv and no issues so it’s the oh tv please what can we do

  6. I have AT&T fiber connection 1G up/down symmetrical along with 2 network extenders 3,000 square feet for Wi-Fi and I even tried the ethernet connection – still a buffering issue on LGWebOS.

    I had to go back to my Fire Cube and Roku device (no buffering on either) as a backup. Unfortunately that defeats the purpose of a smart TV so I hope they fix this soon.

  7. The Ethernet port on the LG TV is only 100mbps! Seems criminal for an expensive TV that is supposed to run most all streaming apps to have a terribly slow adapter.

    I have 300+ Mbit/s internet and when I tested the download speed…
    Wireless: 27.4 Mbit/s
    Wired: 17.2 Mbit/s

  8. I’m having the same issues on the LG Oled48c1 with speeds varing between 1 and 40 mbps. Initially contacted the retailer, who said that the problem is with the internet provider. I contacted Virgin Media who said that there is no issues. I then contacted LG who said that the problem was due to the internet being shared with other devices.
    I disconnected all of my devices leaving the TV as the only device connected to the internet and ran a speed test with the ethernet cable connected to the TV and guess what…..no difference at all. I then disconnected the ethernet cable from the TV and plugged it into my laptop and got a speed reading of 570 mbps!

    I forwarded these readings to LG and after a week, replied only to inform me that the TV cannot slow down the internet, and because I was getting a signal, shows that the TV was not faulty, which has left me puzzled. If the TV cannot slow down the internet, what is slowing it down, and why such a difference between the TV and the laptop?

    I can only conclude from the response from LG is that they are not interested and in denial regarding this problem.

  9. I do thank you very much and would hug and kiss you if I could.
    With excellent internet connection and speed, my 55″ OLED got to where it was frequently (every 20 minutes) stuck in buffering. Had to unplug TV then replug it to get it out of buffering lockup.
    I followed your advice and turned off the screen share. PRESTO!! My TV is now functioning perfectly.
    Than you, thank you for taking the time to post your solution to this problem.

  10. I was unable to find a Screen Share setting on my 55″ LG. But I did come across some usage data collecting settings that I was able to toggled off so LG isnt spying me as much. I ended up connecting my TV to my router with an Ethernet cable now my streaming works great with no buffering and resolution settings at max. I don’t understand why my WiFi speed was inadequate with the smart tv but it had worked flawlessly for years on a Firestick.

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